Posted by: Kate | July 12, 2009

One Less Regret

The house just fits differently when the kids aren’t around. Emily’s off at camp for two weeks, which instantly lowers the average number of words spoken per day. And last night, Jacob was at a sleepover at his new best friend C’s house – I can already tell you, we’re going to be returning on a regular basis, because Jacob simply cannot go more than a week without spending time with C. As he reported upon his return this morning, “C’s house is much better than our house. Our house is boring. And C’s mom is prettier because she wears nice dresses.” No problem, kiddo, we’ll just drop you off next week and see you in a few weeks. (He did admit, “I missed you, Mama, so I don’t want to live there forever.”)

So Willem and I had the house to ourselves. In years past, the night after dropping Emily off at camp has been effectively useless for me, because I’m knocked flat by an intense migraine, borne of stress and guilt and anxiety and old nasty PTSD symptoms. This year, I took both pain and anxiety medications in advance, and went straight to bed upon returning home. The chemical assistance plus a two-hour nap meant I was feeling vastly better than I’d ever felt before on Camp Drop-off Day.

So, Willem and I were able to take full advantage of a childless evening. We joined Gretchen and her family and friends at a bar for a surprise birthday party – she was effectively surprised, and such a relief it is for me to be able to talk about it now! She and I talk about pretty much every tiny mundane thing that happens on a daily basis, so not telling her about the party nigh-on killed me. So: Gretchen, there’s a party planned at the Portsmouth Brewery on Saturday night! Your mom and Dan helped plan, and a bunch of your work friends will be there as well as a handful of others! I bought you tickets to go see Blue October with us in August! And – though this wasn’t planned – I got you a tiara!

Phew. Such a relief to get that out in the open.

So we had a very nice dinner out, even though I was still enough medicated that I couldn’t stay out much later than 10:00.

We got home and continued the child-free extravaganza by engaging in, well, you know, marital relations, with the bedroom door wide open. And then watched an uncaptioned Denis Leary show at full volume. And then slept in past 9:00 this morning. And so on.

Jacob’s home now, after having “the funnest night ever” at his friend’s house. We’ve been lining up other activities and such for the next few weeks, in the hopes that he doesn’t wallow too much in his Emily-deprivation.

And we’re already planning ahead, because in August, both kids are going to my mom’s for the better part of a week.



  1. Happy Birthday to Gretchen!!!

    It sounds like it was a nice night, and I am glad that Jacob had a great time. 🙂

  2. LOL at having “relations” with the bedroom door wide open. Bobby wanted to have them on the couch Friday night, and I just couldn’t — what if M woke up and came downstairs?!? Oh, the horror! We settled for the old fashioned way … with the door locked! 😉

  3. Our kids are so far apart in age, if we can get rid of the oldest for the evening, we still have the smaller one. So, no marital relations with the door open. LOL.

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