Posted by: Kate | July 10, 2009


I spent most of the day Fri. seeing an M.D. at SPI, followed by an EEG at PRH and an MRI at FMH. Earlier in the week, I saw my PCP and a MD-P LLC, and received an EKG and a CAT scan. Two of my primary Rx have been changed, and on Tue. I’ll be having an ESI.

I’m starting to suspect that they’re using all of these abbreviations and appointments as a way to ever-so-subtly test my cognitive functioning following the seizure.

Not all of the test results have been returned to me yet, but the consensus continues to build that the fun and games inside my head on Saturday were the result of a perfect storm of innocuous sorts of factors all massing together at once. A little sleep deprivation and a little dehydration, a little low on the potassium count, a little sun exposure, a little overactivity, a lot stress, plus a combination of Ultram and Zoloft, creates Hurricane Kate, apparently. I’ve been taking it so easy that I can now drop off to sleep on a moment’s notice – and did so, twice, today, during the EEG and MRI – and drinking a lot of water and Gatorade and orange juice (oh my). I’ve done what I can to readjust my mindset, and truly, that stress which I have is primarily good stuff now. We’re working hard to be able to move into a town I already know I love, in pursuit of my husband’s ultimate dream job (not the one he’s about to take, but taking this puts him in a much better position for the long-term), in an area with better schools, activities, museums and diversity for my kids. If the very worst case scenario involves paying two mortgages for a few months, I’m still in pretty damn good shape.

And I’ve started weaning off the Zoloft. I had planned, all along, to start ratcheting off of it in the fall, because I was feeling so much more in-control and steady lately, but thought I might as well stay on it through the move. Well, sure, except now I worry about doing another stop-drop-and-twitch in front of the kids, so I’m bumping those plans up a bit sooner. I don’t know yet if I’ll ever be able to go back on the Ultram – I kind of hope so, because I found it to be an effective medication that didn’t leave me feeling loopy – but that’s a decision for another day. For now, I’ve dropped it completely and am taking an extended-release narcotic for the spondylitis… “As with any new medication, you shouldn’t drive until you know how you’ll respond,” they warned. Hey, guess what, I’ve been grounded until October! No problem!

So, yeah, enough already, huh?

Tomorrow’s focus will be on getting Emily to camp, getting Jacob to his first-ever friends’-house sleepover, and then spending the evening doing grown-up things. Like packing boxes and planning out new phone service. I’ve grown deeply, radically fond of Boring, and am hoping to continue in my quest for SSDD. PDQ.



  1. Great news re the tests and I’m so glad you went the gamut. Sounds like a new beginning on the way Kate! Excellent.

  2. I really hope you get some answers soon. I know how that “hurry up and wait” game on medical dx works!

  3. Don’t forget the Denis Leary, now that you can turn it up loud enough to actually enjoy it without the kids around!

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