Posted by: Kate | July 8, 2009

Live Free or Drive

Most states, if you have a seizure, your license is automatically suspended for some period of time: either until a diagnosis and treatment regimen is established, or six months, typically.

Not New Hampshire! Live free or die, baby. There’s no such law on the books here. So I’m agreeing, as a matter of public service, to make my doctors (holy crap can you get quick appointments if you call and casually mention that you had a grand mal seizure over the weekend!) and my husband more comfortable, to abstain from driving for three months. That may lift, at least during the daylight hours, depending on the results of the EEG and MRI I’m having on Friday.

I’m also dropping much of my old medication routine, which includes the most-likely-culprit, Ultram. They’re guessing, Ultram + Zoloft + stress + sleep deprivation = Sudden Intense Nap in the Bleeding Heart Bush. Nobody wants me to just go cold-turkey off the Zoloft, so I’ve stopped the Ultram and been getting a lot more rest, and we’re looking for a replacement for the Ultram, something stronger than that which you can get over the counter but weaker than Percoset. One wouldn’t think this would be too much of a challenge, except Attempt #1 in the replacement category – codeine sulfate – makes me break out in hives, itch extraordinarily, and swell.

Oh, the fun we’re having around here! It’s a good thing I don’t have to try to organize an interstate move, at the same time…


  1. Egad, Kate. I am praying that they find it was a fluke, and that you can get your medications adjusted so that you are happy and comfortable, and can pull off this move as easily as possible!

  2. Oh, deary you.

    Hang in there, all of you!

  3. When you first told About the seizure I stopped myself from telling you about my sister’s experience because I didn’t want to freak you out. Now I see that I needn’t have been worried. Sis had a seizure 13 yrs ago. She lost her license for 6 months. They eventually found a scar on her brain and put her on a medication that she’ll have to take forever. Good thing is that she hasn’t a seizure in 13 years. Bad thing is that the drug causes birth defects so she can’t have kids. Hopefully the’ll figure out exactly what happened to you and it won’t be so severe.

  4. In Tennessee, they let you have three seizure before they take away your license — isn’t that swell? (I only know this because a friend of mine just got his back for this very reason.) It’s three in a lifetime, but still …

    I applaud you for giving it up voluntarily, but geez … doesn’t your family have enough to do without being down one driver? 😉 Hope Friday’s tests go well.

  5. My doctor decided Ultram wuld be a good substitute for my reliable, no side effect, works like a charm with one pill Vicodin. I took one before bed and had a hangover that didn’t go away until late the next afternoon. Nasty stuff.

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