Posted by: Kate | July 8, 2009









It’s still Wednesday, right? Just barely. I’d come up with some excuse for the lateness of today’s Madhouse post, but really, how could I possibly choose just one? It’s been a very long week, already.

See who else has played, and shower them with affection, would you, please?



  1. Some gorgeous shots there. I hope you all had fun!

  2. I was a bit worried that I was the only participant for a while! Nice pebbles pumkin . .appeal to my hack photographic eye . . Is that ‘steam’ coming off the ocean? Good grief. Oh I mean to say . . stop doing drugs. You don’t need them. Really you don’t. Except the ones that help with migraines. I worry about you and your zoloft. Have a nice cuppa tea and some ‘me’ time instead.

  3. wonderful photos. Hope they brought back nice memories as you relax….

  4. Can we say I am playing along, but later in the week? I am still editing the pictures from DJ and my trip to the beach. AHHHHH over 200 of them opps.

  5. I love your photos, as well as the idea for a mostly-wordless post! I played this week, FYI.

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