Posted by: Kate | July 6, 2009

Everything Old is New Again

When Willem and I first decided to actually make this relationship work, after a two-and-a-half-year extravaganza of cluelessness and infidelity, we moved to Salem, MA.

I loved it there. Loved it. The vibe, the walkability, the proximity to the ocean.

We just racked up positive memories there. Our relationship, sure, and also the first just-us-two shared apartment. A backpacking trip around Europe. Pregnancy, and then Emily. Marriage. Stability.

We’ve been in New Hampshire for eight years, and it’s always just been sort of, meh. Good enough for our purposes, but I haven’t loved either house, or either town.

So, when we learned of Willem’s new job, we knew we wanted to move to the North Shore area again. We already know our way around, and we know we like it, and so on.

Today, we visited six apartments. Number Five was the winner, and we put in our application. The landlord – a down to earth and likable woman if ever there was one, no small feat in the realty world – assured us that there was no one else with an offer in and she wouldn’t consider renting it as a commercial space. So, we’ll get confirmation within a day or two, and off we go. I have a few things to do in the meantime, can’t think what…

It’s a good thing. A really good thing. I’m actively looking forward to the move, and the kids seem excited, and even Willem seems excited under his well-developed worries about, well, everything.

And I like the symmetry, of going back where we started.

So, who wants to come visit us at Halloween?



  1. All very Full Circle- Hakuna Matata of you! I’m so glad and very excited to have you within a 40 minute drive! 🙂

  2. So glad you found a place, and it was relatively uneventful. Woo hoo!

  3. I’m glad that things are going so well with the move for you all. I wish you all the best and a nice smooth move – I hate moving and have vowed to never do it again! Well, at least until we retire… maybe somewhere beachy…

  4. Sometimes things are just so “right”, you can’t miss it. I’m glad you’re headed back to a place you love!

  5. I’d love to come for Halloween, but I think I will be elbow deep in nursing school. I know someday soon I’ll be beating down your door 😉
    So happy things are swimming in the right direction.

  6. Yay!!! I’m glad you found a place with such great karma. I’d love to come visit … maybe one of these days. Sigh.

  7. If LeeAnne makes it, I’ll make it too!! And yes, I plan to come visit; maybe not for Hallowe’en, but definitely soon!! Can’t wait to see photos!

  8. ME! Oh wait was that last question hypothetical? Glad you found a place that you like.

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