Posted by: Kate | July 5, 2009

A Friend in Need

I’m feeling much better today. I’m feeling completely like myself, mentally and emotionally. Last night I was worried that I would have permanent brain damage, so I was doing crossword puzzles, and knitting, and reading through one of Willem’s math books (nope, still can’t follow the advanced stuff), generally testing myself just to be sure.

Physically, that’s another matter altogether. I feel like I was in a car accident, and then did a 90-minute high-intensity workout without stretching. I suppose both are somewhat accurate. My right leg is particularly bad; I can’t lift it up onto the couch and am limping heavily. I have a handful of weird, inexplicable bruises, and a really good one where the IV went in. And of course my tongue is something to see. If it wasn’t such an effort, I’d go get the camera now; I made Willem take photos last night. You know, to commemorate the big event.

You definitely learn who your friends and loved ones are when stuff like this happens. Happily, nobody let me down, and several people rose to the occasion. My new friend M. arrived here at the same time as the ambulance – it must have been horrifying for her, because her son was here playing with Jacob. She helped Willem throw the stuff from the yard sale back in the house, and then took my kids for the afternoon. She brought banana-chocolate muffins first thing this morning because she knew about the low-potassium thing. She acts like it was no big deal, but we’ve lived here for four years without making many friends, so I get to think it’s a big deal anyway. So there.

And of course my dad came while I was still in the hospital, and Gretchen brought ice cream and company today. Lots of other people have either offered to help, or wished they lived closer so that they could. (I’ve had no communication from my mother-in-law, even though she and her friends visit this site many times a day. This is just as well, and I’m glad Willem didn’t call her in the moment. She’s a nurse, she could’ve told him something that would have just finished me off.)

So, yeah, much excitement. I took it very easy today, rarely getting off the couch, and plan to do the same for at least the next few days. I wasn’t told not to drive, but I won’t until Tuesday at the earliest, and then only short in-town sorts of things. The ER doctor didn’t think this was a medication-related thing, because all I had taken that day was 2 Ultrams (a medication that’s lighter than Vicodin) and 800mg ibuprofen, with Zoloft the night before. Still, I’ll be on the phone with my PCP first thing tomorrow.

And I’ll try to take it easy, I promise… but we have to go apartment-shopping tomorrow morning. Somehow this moving thing still needs to happen, overelectricity (as one woman remarked, I decided to have the 4th of July inside my head instead of out) notwithstanding.



  1. Sorry to hear about the seizure, but glad you are recovering nicely! Soooo scary!

  2. I am glad today was a better day. Please please please take it easy! I hope your PCM is better than Jerry’s and has some real suggestions, solutions, tests etc. Let me know if you need something that I can do from here.

  3. That was so scary! Glad you’re feeling like yourself today and are surrounded by friends. (Unbelievable that you haven’t heard from your MIL.)

  4. Wonderful that you’re feeling (physical pain aside) much better today. Good luck with the apartment shopping!

  5. I’m glad you have such good friends nearby. I hope you find the perfect place today, and that you recover physically not too much slower than you recovered mentally and emotionally.

    And thank goodness you didn’t sprain your wonderful writing composition muscle.

  6. Hooray for friends (old or new) who know how to be friends without needing to be asked … like the muffins. It is a big deal, and I’m glad you have it! Add me to the list of those who wish they lived closer …

    Good luck with the apartment-hunting; I hope you find something even better than the first one!

  7. That was some exciting 4th of July you decided to have. I’m glad you’re feeling better, and I hope it was a one time thing.

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