Posted by: Kate | June 30, 2009

That Sound? That’s my Head Spinning.

I’m still not ready to post details here, but those changes that I ever-so-cryptically referred to on Sunday?

They are rolling right along, and fast.  Holy crap.

You know how sometimes you have to make a big decision, and you hem and haw and deal with all of these conflicting bits of information and a tug-of-war over what the right choice would be, and you feel pulled in several different directions at once?

Yeah, that’s not the case here.  This is a situation where all signs are pointing to not just YES, but YES AND HOW COULD YOU CONSIDER OTHERWISE?  It’s very difficult to weigh the pros and cons when you simply cannot come up with any legitimate cons.

We took another step forward today, and it’s all looking more and more likely and tangible and real.

I watched Willem do a happy dance today.  On a public street.  It was a rare and noteworthy occasion.

I’ll share the details soon, honest.  I just want to wait a little longer, while I wait for this to settle into my brain a bit better (no reason to think I should wait until my head stops spinning, as that could take several months and there simply isn’t tme for that sort of thing).  In the meantime… eek.



  1. So mysterious. I’m happy for you though, whatever it is 🙂

  2. Okay – anxiously waiting to find out what the big news is. I saw that you had it posted on Facebook – but I don’t think we are friends on there – so I will wait.

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