Posted by: Kate | June 23, 2009

In the Kitchen

I’m not allowed to wander through the kitchen section of most stores. Even IKEA is dangerous, though by the time I get to the kitchen section, I’m in enough of an IKEA-coma that I’m rendered relatively harmless.

But department stores? Even freaking Walmart? It’s a dangerous proposition.

I just love gadgets and toys, specifically of the kitchen variety. I get irritated when Billy Mays tries to sell me one more item of Unnecessary Gadgetry, but in my world, ain’t no such thing as unnecessary when it comes to culinary toys.

I have my Kitchenaid mixer, and a Cuisinart blender. Brand-spankin’-new Cuisinart pots and pans, too. I have a single drawer devoted specifically to things like peelers, lemon-juicers and skewers, and I damn near wept when I found a set of measuring cups that not only pops in flat or pops out to measure, but also has a magnet in the handle of each cup to keep them all together.

Happily, I’m able to use the stuff I have. I make a killer red sauce, and waffles that have been known to elicit sexual favors. I bake brownies from scratch and can cook my own pasta, starting with ingredients that look nothing like pasta.

But still. I could do all of this stuff with fewer accessories… but why would I even want to? I even salivate more for a really nice casserole dish than I do for yarn. Even cashmere.

We’ve decided to have a personal madhouse every day, but you can always join in on Wednesdays… check the list to see who’s joined in this week:



  1. I am so with you on this. My kitchen is huge, thanks to my grandmother’s design in early ’80s. Even with feet over feet of counter space, cabinets and clever places for gadgets, there still isn’t enough room.

  2. I need a bigger kitchen maybe if I didn’t feel so over-crowded I would be happier to use mine. I can’t wait to hit up your B&B for a little taste of the yummies you can prepare.

  3. You’re a Pampered Chef dream come true. If I get invited to one more of those things….

  4. Ah the old ‘second’ drawer in the kitchen? I have tools in there and have no idea of their purpose! We stayed in a holiday house a few times over the summer and it’s surprising how you can get by with the bare essentials!

  5. In this bigger kitchen I can actually see what I’ve got, and I’ve used some pieces that still had t he cardboard attached.

    Gadgets are fun!

  6. My first job was in a kitchen outlet store. 30% discount meant that I had the most well-equipped kitchen of any 20 year old I knew. And I didn’t even have my own kitchen until I was 24.

  7. […] friend Kate has a blog (she’s the one who got me started on my own.)  Every Wednesday, she posts a topic […]

  8. I finally joined in!!

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