Posted by: Kate | June 7, 2009

Strange Days Indeed

I just got home, 1:00 a.m. Left the house at 8:30 this morning. I can’t do the math, but it seems like a long time out.

It was a day and a half, really. Twelve hours of it were in the car, with a good 11 1/2 filled with Gretchen and I just chatting/chattering, which is just fine. A half an hour were at WEBS, which is just the best hugest yarn shop ever.

We then continued eastward to visit my grandfather in a nursing home/rehab where he is recovering from double knee replacement, and since he’s been having problems with his pacemaker I felt obligated to do a face-to-face. He’s hanging in there, actually quite a bit mellower and more cheerful than I expected, so that’s good.

My grandmother, meanwhile, is keeping on a happy face and working really hard to juggle a ton of stuff – my cousin lives in the same neighborhood as she does, relies on her heavily for childcare, and is in the process of leaving a bad relationship – and the strain is showing. So Jacob and I are heading back out on Wednesday for a few days, just to provide some moral support if nothing else.


The plan was, my mother and sisters would arrive at the nursing home around 3:00 and have their visit. We were going to get there around 5:00, so we would call and first go out to dinner, then go visit Grandpa and go home. Fine, my mom wanted to hand off some stuff from the house, Mary made me the awesomest birthday present, we’ll juggle schedules to make it work.

We ended up actually arriving before 4:00, what with one thing and another, and that was fine. We just stayed longer to chat. And, oh, look… my mother and sisters weren’t there yet.

My mother didn’t show up until 6:00. THREE HOURS LATE.

Ugh. This is not an uncommon thing for my mother; she just seems to operate on a different time cycle than the rest of us. But so, so frustrating, just waiting and feeling stuck and not knowing when, if at all, she was going to be there.

It went fine, in the end. We had a good time with my grandparents, Gretchen made the day more cheerful and fun than it ever could have been on my own, Emily ended up going along (after much struggle to get out of bed; it was totally worth it to have the day with her and seeing her with family), I know that my grandmother needs help and can give it, dinner was seven women sitting around the table: Gretchen, my grandmother, my mother, two sisters, Emily and me.

On the way home, we almost hit a deer and a police car, both bolting across the Mass Pike with no warning or bright lights or anything. We also saw an accident just seconds after it happened – before the affected car even got its blinkers on, or burst into flames, or whatever it was going to do. I didn’t witness it, and I saw a guy running to it with a cell phone, so I decided I couldn’t offer a single bit of help if I stopped.

So, now I have my ears ringing from the white noise of the car and the [What color, Gretchen? Pick one!] noise of the conversation. I’m tired, but too revved up to sleep right away. I have a whole mix of emotions about the day.

“Strange” is the right word. Not bad-strange, just strange.



  1. oh, gosh…let’s say…Mauve. (just enough girl type topics were covered that pinkish seems a good choice, but not *too* pink…)

  2. I’m just glad you made it home OK, without hitting any cops or deer or other obstacles! Hot milk helps, or hot herb tea. It’ll put you to sleep in no time.

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