Posted by: Kate | May 30, 2009

It’s my Party, and I’ll Knit if I Want to…

OK, you’re right, wicked cheesy title.  Sorry.  But now that the song is stuck in my head, it seems only fair to spread that little earworm out among the masses.

I’ve been wavering about whether to do another knitting giveaway for my birthday this year, only because my knitting time has gone way down since starting the typing job.  Turns out, I can’t knit and type at the same time.  It’s horrible, being limited that way.

But then I decided, nah, I’ll get better at this time management thing.  It’s only been two weeks, and less than that since I’ve had a decent desk setup where I can get some solid, uninterrupted time in.   And some of my favorite projects have been things I’ve made for other people, particularly at their request.

So, send in the comments; I’ll set a randomizer to it and will pick one name out of every ten commenters.  You get to place an order for something handknit and customized… I’ll let you know if it’s something I can’t – or won’t – do.  I won’t make promises on a delivery date, seeing as how I’m already a week late with Jordanna’s birthday gift, but I’ll be aiming for sooner rather than later, so as not to interfere with the obligatory holiday rush.

Want ideas or examples of past projects?  Hit up my flickr sets for photos… I know I’ve done more than what’s posted in this year’s folder, but I got lazy about taking pictures, and I have several half-finished things lying around, emitting guilt waves (so, by all means, let’s add more projects to the list!).

…so?  Go ahead and post a comment.  I’ll do the randomizing/drawing stuff at, say, 9:00 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, June 3rd – four-plus days seems like long enough, right?

Good luck…



  1. Many happy returns on the day, to quote pooh bear.

    Speaking of knitting, check out my blog post from yesterday!

  2. My favorite is still the car and flame hats you made for Jacob…OH Loved the handbags you made for your sister’s too. Hmmmmmmm, I think I may have to comission you to make a special little hat anyways for my friend’s baby, I haven’t bought anything because I can’t find something just so special. (BTW the baby was born the first week of March if that tells you anything.)

  3. Your knitting projects are beautiful and so creative. I want to be in for some funky socks.

  4. Kate!!! I saw your post on facebook about the giveaway- I couldn’t resist commenting 🙂 I love your stuff so much

  5. wonder if we could graft on a few extra arms for you… then you could knit and type 🙂

  6. Yay! Leg warmers! Love the ones you did. And your little boy hats are tdf.

  7. Happy Birthday my friend!! And if I was to win, you could suprise me. 😉

  8. Haha that’s one way to get everyone commenting! Well done. I just sent a parcel to a friend in Ireland and it cost more than the gift inside! Happy birthday Katey poo! Have a great day . . .and if I win . . .I need woolly sox, it’s cold down under!

  9. Happy Birthday 🙂 🙂 ready for your birthday spankings?

  10. Happy Birthday, Kate! Love the giveaway idea – especially since Dan has now grown out of his wonderful sweater. 😀

  11. I won’t win, I never win these things, but do want to wish you a very happy birthday!

    (And legwarmers are awesome. Heh.)

  12. Ooh, what a cool idea. Sending knitty love to blog friends. 🙂

  13. OK, I’m game. I should do this too as I have many finished projects i don’t want to keep, can’t sell, and have no ideal recipients for. A great way to celebrate a birthday, by giving away. Good thought.

  14. I feel such guilt posting, as I’ve already been the recipient of much awesomeness. But do note it’s not stopping me…. Love you and happy birthday!!

  15. I’m up for something knitting for me, by someone else. 🙂

  16. Happy Birthday! It’s so sweet of you to do a knitting give-away. WE should be sending YOU presents!

  17. Happy Birthday! You’re such a nice person to knit something for someone else on YOUR birthday.

  18. Happy birthday! And looking forward to my giftie…you didn’t have to! 🙂

  19. I hope your birthday was just awesome. If I were to win, I’d have such a hard time deciding, that I’d leave it up to you – just as long as it’s a nice deep red.

  20. Happy Birthday! I know I haven’t been commenting much lately (and I haven’t blogged in weeks!) but if I randomly one (yeah, I’m not holding my breath) I would LOVE a scarf or fuzzy socks. I’m so envious of your talent!

  21. […] if you haven’t entered my giveaway contest yet, do so! How often do you get a 1/10 chance of winning something you could sell on eBay or Etsy […]

  22. Happy day-late birthday!! It sounds (from reading your Sunday post) like it was a great day, and I’m so glad for you for that. (And I’ll be glad for me if I win this drawing … I love your knitting projects.) 🙂

  23. Happy Birthday and of course I want to enter the contest – love the socks I won last time. Would love a scarf this time…’s to wishing.

  24. What a nice friend you are…knitting for others on your birthday. I have the flannel mat you knitted for us at the kitchen sink – when one is scrubbing away at the baked on crap in last night’s pans, it is so nice to have cushy feet.

    Though I don’t deserve a second knitted gift from you, a hat would be lovely. Berets are my favorite.

  25. Happy Birthday! I’m a late-comer to this post, but it seems like you had a great day. I, too, admire your knitting.

  26. Ok….here’s my entry, and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m only here for the drawing….I’ve already wished you happy birthday a couple times, so won’t repeat again. 🙂 xoxoxoxoxo

  27. […] we’re up to 26 comments for the giveaway… hurry on over, if I get four more (and check the list, there are some names I’m […]

  28. So do the rules forbid multiple postings or will that render a disqualification?

  29. I can’t resist a contest. this prize is especially special. Is it bad that I really hope I win?

  30. Not to be greedy or anything, but can we post more than one entry?

  31. I’m glad you had a lovely day, and wish you many more!
    I loved those flip top mitts and bags that you made – they were gorgeous.

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