Posted by: Kate | May 28, 2009

Clomid No More

Just a quick update, because why not?

I’m officially done with Clomid, having taken it for six-ish months and still not being knocked up.  I’ve had bloodwork to check thyroid levels, progesterone,  blood sugar, and who knows what-all, with all results within normal limits.  I’ve had an HSG procedure, no blockages apparent.  Willem has done his part, sharing some of his very small friends with the friendly lab technicians, and has also been given a gold star.  We can’t pursue any other fertility treatment, because our insurance is intended for university students and apparently they don’t see offspring as being conducive to successful college studies.  Whatever.

So, we’re done.  We won’t start preventing now, but after almost two years, I would – in a graceful and dainty manner – fall over in a shocked heap if I suddenly got pregnant after all this trying.  I’ve been told, given my history of migraines with aura, that I should avoid estrogen, in the form of a Pill or hormone replacement therapy, forever and ever amen.  So we’re entering the stage of, we’ve pulled the goalie but nobody’s actually keeping score anymore.

It’s OK, really.  I went through the brunt of the holy-crap-this-sucks back in January, when the limitations of our insurance became clear to me, and by now have wrapped my head around the idea that Baby #3 will likely not happen.  I have two healthy kids, plans to become a foster parent once we move to Massachusetts, and enough other health issues to suck up my time and attention.

And as long as my friends continue to create new babies every year or two, then I’ll be able to get my newborn-fix once in a while.



  1. I’m sure you will love to hear the same thing you’ve already thought of, which is the umpty-thousand stories I’ve heard of couples that stopped trying and then got pregnant?
    I hope that happens to you, though. I really do.

  2. Not a bad thing I think Kate. Relax, enjoy your family, look after your back! If it’s meant to be . . it’ll happen.

  3. I’m sorry, Kate. I wish it had worked for you!!

  4. just clicked over here from newengland mamas.
    Sorry to hear what you’ve been going through. We recently realized #3 probably won’t happen for us either. Miscarriages, etc…blah blah blah. I also get migraines with auras if I’m on any estrogen related pill. Not fun.
    Hope to see more of you around the new england Mamas blog.

  5. Oh Kate I missed this until now, I’m just catching up on my stalking. I’m really a terrible stalker.

    I’m so sorry. Clomid didn’t work for me either but it seemed to kick my system into gear (with the help of charting) and I so wish very very very deeply that the same thing happens to you. ((hug))

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