Posted by: Kate | May 26, 2009

What’s Your Bliss?

This afternoon, I was sitting in one of my fold-out camp chairs at a local playground. I had music playing on my headphones – something I never did until recently, and now would deeply resent you if you tried to make me stop – and a favorite soda at the ready. I was knitting away at a project I’m designing myself, one which gives me great joy and with which I will struggle mightily when it comes time to part with it for its intended recipient. My son was playing on the playground, grinning reasonlessly, just happy to be there and running around and climbing. The sun was warm on my shoulders, but not so much so that I worried about overheating, sunburn, sweating, and so on.

It was a really nice, nice moment.

And I noticed just how nice it was, and appreciated it. I realized that the only way I could think of to improve the whole thing was if I was sitting on a beach, listening to the ocean, smelling the salt, and watching the boy splash and climb on the rocks. Otherwise, it was dangerously close to a perfect moment, and I was grateful.

So, what’s your bliss? What sorts of moment bring on that same lifting of the spirit and involuntary smile, just because there isn’t one of your five senses that is somehow disappointed with the status quo? Everybody needs one – or two or three. I can count times with close friends, unmentionable moments with my husband, and the feeling of an airplane just landing safely among my other personal favorites.



  1. One of my best moments is when I’m on my way home from a business trip – If I have the good fortune not to be rushed, and I have a straight-through flight, then I love the time after the plane takes off. I sit there with my knitting and my iPod, listening to or watching whatever strikes my fancy, knowing that I am a couple of hours from being home. I can’t feel guilty for not cleaning the house, or making dinner, or doing laundry because I don’t have any choice but to sit and wait for the plane to land. As much as I hate traveling for work, I sometimes look forward to this time to myself.

  2. Little ones- my most favorite is the one that happens sometimes when I’m in the middle of a really good workout- I end up feeling strong, healthy and, well, graceful and beautiful. For someone with such strong body image issues, it’s a wonderful, wonderful moment.

  3. There is a beach in Aruba that we call our “family” beach. It is secluded and only locals really know about it. That’s one of the only places I’ve been able to let go of everything in my head and just relax and be in the moment – everytime I’m there. It’s my bliss.

  4. Like you, sitting on a beach is my bliss.
    Also, the way my boyz smell after a bath, all cozy in their jammies.
    And hotel sex.
    (Obvs with my Hubby!)

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