Posted by: Kate | May 22, 2009

Handle with Care

Because my desk – my huge, lovely, fully assembled desk, which kept Willem up to the wee hours and is truly a thing of beauty – couldn’t possibly travel home all by its lonesome, I also did the obligatory IKEA-Zombie walk and ended up with several other goodies. This time I arrived armed with a list, so I (mostly) walked out with what I expected to have.

High on that list was a complete set of dishes, glasses and silverware for the kids. Real ceramic, breakable glass, and metal silverware. I’m a little iffy on this latest brainstorm of mine, because until now they’ve always had bright, obnoxious, colorful plastic to eat from. Not breakable, not loud, and painfully plentiful (one might consider our child-eatery decor as heavily Crayola with a liberal sprinkling of every sit-down family-style restaurant we’ve ever eaten at represented in the plastic cups). And, true, potentially leaking cancerous nastiness and not training the kids how to eat with actual, proper place settings.

So, I bit the bullet, and brought home new stuff. It’s washed and ready to go… I’m just not certain that I am. It’s not just going to be a case of training the kids to eat with a little more care, but also to not drop the things into their spots from a height. I suspect that, very soon after the first meal on the new stuff happens, we will be having a lesson in how to clean up broken glass.

So, what do you think? Insanity, or a new way to try and encourage the kids to slow down, learn something, grow a little?

Either way, I’m not throwing out the plasticware quite yet. Just in case…



  1. I don’t even own any plasticware. BB has done quite well with the glass even though he has plastic stuff at his mom’s house. They gotta learn sometime, right?

  2. Not insanity at all. We all eat from normal, breakable plates. But the two-year-old still uses a plastic cup. I don’t trust him with real glass just yet.

  3. Good thought, it’s time. Except for plastic sippy cups for my two year-old (he’s a slosher), they eat from the same dishes we do, and they’ve never broken anything. Possibly because they don’t load the dishwasher.

  4. We have a combo of plastic & real dishes. We try to have Sunday dinner each week using our good china & wine glasses for all. Sometimes, when the guests aren’t around, we even eat in the actual dining room!

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