Posted by: Kate | May 18, 2009

Can I Get an Amen?

K: [RANT ABOUT MOTHER’S DAY HERE] [IGNORING FACT THAT HER OWN WEEKEND WAS SUPERLATIVE] You know what? That would be a great idea. The one I just had, that I didn’t actually say out loud. I think we should establish Denial Day. Maybe in the middle of August, when a lot of people go on vacation anyway. For a whole day, you’re to think nothing but light, cheery thoughts, and act as though you don’t have the Neverending Story‘s Nothing hovering over your head. The next day, you can go back to gloom and doom.
W: That’s called religion.
K: Touché.

I don’t completely agree with my avowed and insistently atheistic husband, but I would strain my babble muscle if I tried to list all of the times that I have seen religion used in unhealthy, hurtful, unhelpful ways. So I also can’t completely disagree.

The next day, Jacob and I were finishing up a rousing viewing of Clifford the Big Red Dog, and there was a knock on the door. I peeked through the side window and saw two gentleman wearing suits and holding Bibles. Now, regardless of my own spiritual views, I have a very hard time with anyone – even if you are precisely on the same wavelength as me – pushing their views onto me. So I just knocked on the window and shook my head, and it only took two tries for them to figure it out and leave.

Afterward, Jacob and I had an quick little conversation, and I can’t wait for it to percolate in his little head and come up again, because things so often do for him.
J: What was that?
K: Two strangers, we don’t need to let them in.
J: Oh. Why were they here?
K: They’re selling religion.
J: Oh. What’s religion?
K: It’s when people believe in God or other ways about how the world works. And some people want everyone to think just like they do.
J: Oh. Why?
K: Well, I think it makes them feel better. Doesn’t it feel better to you when everyone agrees with you?
J: Yeah, instead of fighting.
K: Right. But people do disagree and talk and even fight sometimes, right?
J: Yeah. Mimi and I fight a lot.
K: True. Because you don’t always agree, and because we don’t always know who’s actually right. You both think you are right, and it’s hard to stop and listen to the other person.

I think the straining of my babble muscle would be a truly horrific injury.



  1. Don’t you wish more grown-ups would think this way…a little acceptance and really knowing what their religon teaches would go a LONG LONG way.

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