Posted by: Kate | May 16, 2009

Flix Me

Because apparently one bandwagon at a time is not enough, I went beyond the Facebook thing and just joined Netflix.  I’d been considering it for a while, but between nasty inertia-inducing depression and too many other things to not properly deal with, I never got around to it.

Really, it makes sense.  I won’t go to movies in the theater, because of my hearing loss, but I really enjoy watching (halfway decent) films with Willem, particularly documentaries and true-to-life sorts of things.  It’s a whole lot cheaper than the extended cable, which we can’t continue to afford and don’t adequately use, anyway.  And all of my friends are doing it, so it must be cool.

So, tell me: what should I queue?  Bear in mind, I signed up at 8:00 last night, spent an hour getting the kids all settled and then watching The Boy in the Striped Pajamas with my beloved – an amazing, fantastic, absorbing movie, truly, go watch it, I’m so glad we didn’t wait until Netflix started appearing – and my computer is running slowly due to two simultaneous virus/adware scans… but I have spent the past two hours adding movies and rating them and wandering, and already have over 100 items waiting to go.  If you were to use my past, oh, ten years as a gauge, then that would be well beyond a lifetime’s worth of movies, but I’m hoping that once they start to magically arrive in my mailbox, I’ll watch them and return them and then watch some more.

What are your favorites?  What have you seen that you wished you hadn’t?  Guide my queue…

(And, God does it feel better not to be depressed.)



  1. I don’t know what to recommend to you. The Evil Twin controls our Netflix – I’ll add in a title or two when I think on it.

    But, you know they have the “watch it now” feature too? You can watch movies directly on your computer and there are some good titles on there. Some evenings, if I’m bored, I’ll go check it out and watch something. It’s cool.

  2. Netflix also offers this really cool gadget called a Roku player that will stream over 12,000 movies from Netflix straight to your TV via your wireless network for no more than the price of the box and your membership. It was worth the $99 to buy the box and is especially cool to catch up on movies you’ve always wanted to see while the hard copies are making their way to & from the Netflix warehouse.

  3. Wow – I just checked the website and now it’s over 50,000 videos & they’re adding more all the time. Have fun!

  4. Netflix is awesome. The best part for me is that you can get the DVDs of just about any tv show. So the fact that I always miss the good shows that come on pay channels that we don’t have doesn’t bother me because I can get them from Netflix and get caught up.

  5. One movie I liked was ‘The Butterlyl Effect” with Ashton Kutcher. It was a little dark but was pulled in and held on to the end…that doesn’t happen with me and movies. I have only watched it a couple of times and the last was a few years ago, but it made a lasting dent in my memory.

  6. try Butterfly Effect, not sure if Butterlyl Effect exists. 😉

  7. I love Netflix! I’ve noticed the “browse” new releases feature stinks….so, I pull up and look for new releases and then start pulling them up in Netflix and adding them to my Queue. I’ll have to go through my viewing history and pick out some of my favorites. We are on a 4 movie at a time plan and now that the summer is hear I think I’ll drop us back down to 2 at a time. I’ll email you my favorites list. What kind of movies do you like best? Oh Destiny, I liked that movie also. It’s one that has stayed with me & something will jog my memory about the movie.

  8. I LOVE Netflix! We just cut back our satellite subscription to the basic network channels, but we don’t miss it a bit. I also love getting tv shows that I didn’t watch for one reason or another. I really like them in the summer, to watch in the middle of the afternoon when it’s too hot to be outside.

    Dead Like Me is an amazing series. Seriously funny.
    I just watched The Changling last weekend and really liked it. Angelina Jolie didn’t annoy me a bit.
    We’ve been working on getting caught up on Battlestar Gallactica, which is slow going.

    Shannon gave a great suggestion and one that I’ll use. Whenever I look for the new releases on Netflix, the movies that come up are not new. It’s annoying.

  9. I totally love Netflix. I like these British series that I can only find on Netflix:
    These are multi-disc series:
    Slings and Arrows (set in British theatre world)
    William and Mary (British midwife getting back into the dating scene, meets William, who has a surprising profession)
    Doc Martin (a London surgeon moves to small Cornwall town to be a TP–same actor as William in the series above)
    The House of Eliot (2 sisters start a couture fashion house in post-Victorian London)

    American movie:
    Chaplin: The Movie (Robert Downey, Jr. as Chaplin)

  10. You want to see some interesting documentaries? Netflix is the place for that! Mike and I watched one a while ago called “American Movie”, which was about an amateur horror filmmaker from the Midwest trying to make his greatest film ever. Some of the characters are so hilarious, you’d SWEAR they were made up. The best part was watching the actual movie he made, and it wasn’t really THAT bad – he’s got some modicum of talent.

    I can’t say enough good stuff about Netflix. It’s kept me sane while I haven’t been working.

  11. I love Netflix. LOVE IT!!

    Okay – here are three movies we enjoyed just because they were all a little off-beat and different: Special
    Hamlet 2
    Henry Poole is Here

    We also just finished watching the John Adams mini-series from HBO. It was great.

    My queue has tons of movies in it – but most just sit there because I keep moving the movies I really want to see to the front.

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