Posted by: Kate | May 14, 2009

A Search Engine is a Dangerous Thing

welcome to jamaica have a nice day
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. You’re all perverts.

code pink hospital
I really hope you’re googling out of curiosity, not because, “Well, I heard them say it, and I haven’t heard a peep from my baby in the past 24 hours… strange.”

an forgettable teacher
No need to use “an” with a word beginning with “F.”

nude friends stories
Like, yours, or like the TV show?

i saw my sister nude
On purpose or by accident? I just need to know whether to view you with contempt or sympathy.

zoloft you know its working
Oh, baby, I so, so do. And I’m grateful.

i just lost my job what do i do now
ign up for unemployment. Register on the various monster-type job sites. Send out a neat, complete, typed resume along with carefully worded, correctly spelled cover letters. Try to save the panic attacks and breakdowns for evenings and weekends. Good luck with that. I would suggest avoiding the several-month slide into depression, but I didn’t seem to be able to resist that particular siren’s call this time around.

this train has left the station without
Without you? Without beeping? Without a conductor? Some sentences really need to be finished, you know? Clarity is your friend.

katesaid blog
Yeah, I get that a lot. If you can remember katesaid, how come you can’t remember Just curious.

+sentiments “thinking of you” “breasts”
Awwwwww, how sweet. I’m thinking of your breasts, too.



  1. I must be doing something wrong with my blog, because my google searches are no where near as interesting. Usually just about migraines and running and caffeine.


  2. Ha ha! I love it. I have thought of doing this kind of post as well. I kind of want to pose answers to questions that people ask the search engine. Like, “Why can’t I stop yelling at my kids?” I dunno but why ask the internet? And “Is it safe to eat brown apple slices?” Yes.

  3. My searches aren’t that entertaining either. Perhaps I need to add some juicer content to my blog… My biggest all-time search is “food poisoning skits”. What does that say about my content??

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