Posted by: Kate | May 2, 2009

All by our Lonesome

Willem and I will head out this afternoon, sans children, for a weekend in Boston. Two different bands – his current favorite and mine – are playing at the House of Blues on consecutive nights, so he got tickets and a hotel reservation for the evening. An early-birthday gift for me, though he’ll benefit a little, too, seeing as how I would certainly never go see Opeth (death metal, yes, really) on my own, and, *ahem*, I suspect we will find ways to make use of an uninterruptable night in a nice hotel.

I’m very much looking forward to it, especially because my body essentially shut itself down most of last night and so I’m feeling rested and ready to go. I’d had two nights of poor sleep – a nightmare one night, just plain staying up too late the other – and then started on a migraine just before dinner. The combination of overtiredness and medication kicked in at about 7:00, rendering me unconscious on the couch until 9:00 or so, when I dredged myself into the bedroom and passed right back out. Obnoxious, particularly because I had stuff to do last night, but the timing was good.

So, away we go, with vague plans for dinners and finding something to do on Sunday, but really just basking in the chance to spend time together without waiting for the next squabble or boo-boo. Bliss.



  1. Have a WONDERFUL time! ‚̧

  2. My husband is going to that Opeth show tonight!

  3. I wanted to go to that Opeth show, but, alas, I’ve been working overtime (utilized a good 170%, according to my manager’s plan…). I do understand, though… death metal is not everyone’s cup of tea.

    I hope you two have a great night on the town!

  4. Enjoy! I am jealous that you’re going to see Opeth. One of my favorite bands, and they are always entertaining in person.

  5. I hope it was as wonderful as it sounds. ENJOY IT, you both deserve it.

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