Posted by: Kate | April 27, 2009

Freud Can Bite Me

I’ve mentioned it before: I am not a Freudian psychoanalyst. I believe that a cigar is just a cigar, that the subconscious does exist BUT is accessible with the right sort of help, and that defense mechanisms only work as long as you’re not aware you’re using them.


My sisters and I – shhhhh, don’t tell – are planning to make my mother a blanket for her 50th birthday, coming up this summer. It’ll be pieced together from about 35 squares; we’ll each make our share and then I’ll sew them all together, ideally by July.

And I Cannot. Get. This. Damn. Thing. Started.

I have literally cast on the same square – my first one – at least a dozen times. And I keep screwing up the size or the stitch pattern, or, my personal favorite, I accidentally used two different sized needles and didn’t notice for about 20 rows.

Now, my mother and I are currently in a bad way, with a very nasty and unpleasant roadblock standing between us. With time, I know it will fade and we’ll figure out a new normal, but for now, it hurts me a lot and I would imagine that it, at the very least, makes her feel distinctly uncomfortable. Freud would say that my inability to get going on this project (especially since I just finished a tank top for X’s birthday in a day and a half, with no errors at all) is due to my psychological ambivalence about my relationship with my mother at present.

I hate that he’s probably right.



  1. wish u gub BITE

  2. M’kay, so this does appear to be a Freudian response, but there’s a bigger issue. Your mom is my age. I’m dying here.



  3. M’kay, there’s definitely something Freudian going on here, but there’s a bigger issue here. Your mom is my age. I’m dying here.



  4. I hate Freud. So, let’s re-frame it, shall we? It’s not anything Freudian, it’s more, um, relational? humanistic?

    I hate Freud.

  5. I don’t care about Freud, but you need to patch things up with the old girl! The blanket could be symbollic of more than a warm wrap . .make an effort kid! You know you want to!

  6. Yep, I think he’s right. Dammit.

  7. That’s such a wonderful gift, it’s very personal and really heartwarming. I’m sure your mom will be really touched. I do hope you fix things up with your mom soon, and good luck getting the project started. I hope you finish it in time for her birthday!

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