Posted by: Kate | April 25, 2009

A Day Alone

This one is really for the parents in the crowd, whether by blood or by heart.  Though those of you who have various other at-home obligations can certainly play along, too.

Let’s say you are suddenly granted a day to yourself.  No kids, no husband, but all are safely dispatched and not needing your worry in the absence.  You can toss in a recent improvement in mood if you want, but it’s not necessary.

The point is, you have several hours, uninterrupted, on your own.  No major responsibilities – even the house is acceptably clean – and no pressing obligations.

My plan is to get a long-overdue haircut – can you believe the last time I did it was for the Locks of Love donation, before the layoff? – and take a long, solitary walk on the beach.  To avoid a phone call I really don’t want to make, and to come home and take a shower without fear that I will be repeatedly interrupted by small people with an insatiable need to flush the toilet and a serious anesia regarding the presence of a second bathroom in the house.  And, to nap, perchance to dream.

What would your plan be?


  1. Read without constant interruption, take myself off to favourite restaurant for lunch then a wander round the local museum, a little retail therapy like a bar a yummy soap from L’Occitane – home for some knitting/spinning or a nap.

  2. Well I actually have quite a lot of time alone, normally spent grabbing the camera, and the dog, and wonder about the place taking photos. But if I had say a couple of grand to spend . . definitely a day spa treatment, and super dooper hair do . . .and a little retail therapy with the help of a ‘stylist’ because I’m a lousy shopper and even worse fashionista!

  3. I think I get a day alone soon. I plan to spend time on the couch, knitting and watching bad tv. Maybe I’ll workout in the morning, just to combat the guilt I’ll feel from sitting on the couch all day. I love being alone, so I’m really looking forward to it.

  4. I would probably sew and then update my sad and lonely blog. If it was a weekend day I might check out a few garage sales, too.

    I hope your day goes well!

  5. I might sew something. I might write something. If I planned ahead enough to have ingredients, I would definitely bake something. And I might go to the bookstore– oh, the bookstore! without the toddler running away when I stop to look for a title!–all alone.

  6. Bed, books,bad TV, food.

  7. Wow – no work, chores or anything else to handle? I would treat myself to an expensive bottle of wine and grill myself a steak, to be consumed with a huge salad. I might devour a novel. I would then line up a good movie list on my shiny new Roku player and turn my brain to mush watching all the movies I’ve always wanted to see. Then I’d sleep until my body decided to wake up and hope that time wasn’t my usual 5am.

  8. I’m torn. I would either write…or read…OR if money wasn’t an issue – spend the day pampering myself at a spa: mani/pedi/massage/facial…

  9. A book, my sofa and a big mug of tea. Bliss.

    If there was more time, a little knitting, a bath and perhaps a little baking (if the terms of the alone-time meant someone else would do the washing up! )

  10. *sigh* Probably cleaning.

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