Posted by: Kate | April 16, 2009

The Only Parent This Year

Excerpted email, from Kate to Mrs. S, third grade teacher:

Emily’s birthday is Friday. She has asked to bring in Rice Krispie treats with chocolate chips in them. Are there any children in the class with allergies?

Excerpt from reply, Mrs. S to Kate:

Thanks for asking about bring in a birthday treat. You’re the only parent that has this year! It will be just fine. There are 22 in our class, and there are no food allergies listed on my report from the nurse.

Really? I’m the only parent, out of a possible set of at least 22, perhaps as high as 44, that has asked permission to send a sugary treat in for my child’s birthday? In April??

Perhaps she meant that I’m the only parent to ask about allergies. Which is even more appalling, in this day and age of life-threatening allergies to simple innocuous-looking things like peanuts and shrimp (not like I’d be bringing a big shrimp cocktail in for my kid’s birthday, but maybe I want to). Nobody else has asked?

And yet I bet any one of those parents would be happy to point the fingers of blame at any of the teachers or administration if their child got sick or injured during a classroom activity that another parent hadn’t bothered to ask about.

Clearly, I have an overdeveloped sense of social responsibility. I’m going to go step on someone’s puppy and then steal someone’s SSI check at the first opportunity.



  1. I’m bringing in cupcakes tomorrow for Sera’s birthday. I would love to make a treat, but they don’t allow any homemade items. Any treats brought in must be store-bought or made in a commercial kitchen. Since I”m not willing to remodel and get my kitchen certified, it’s boring grocery store cupcakes for us.

    Happy Birthday, Emily!

  2. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that you’re the only parent that has asked.

    Emily and LouLa share a birthday. Hope your girl has a great day!

  3. That is kind of surprising. And our elem. school doesn’t allow homemade treats either. It’s kind of a major bummer. I made myself feel better by getting a cute cupcake stand and putting the Target cupcakes on it. Gave them a little more flair, I thought!

  4. Happy Birthday Emily!!

    I can tell you that I have only had one parent ask about allergies so far this year, but that was back before Thanksgiving.

    Natalie’s school in Florida the treats had to be storebought, EE or the like. I guess Florida had a problem of a parent spiking classroom cupcakes or something, because it wasn’t just that school. Which around here that rule would suck because there is no place local that has a bakery, and we would have to travel to find it.

  5. We were told this year that we can no longer send treats or cupcakes for our child’s birthday. Because the federal lunch program will not subsidize low or no cost lunches if we’re not down with the “healthy lifestyle” they promote. It stinks. I thought about asking if I could send Carrot cake, just to be a smartass, but decided against it.

  6. I love treat-bringing mums!!! One of the parents at playschool brings wee homemade biscuits and slices of caramel biscuity goodness to every occasion, it knocks me over! I’d do it too but I keep burning things, even rice krispie buns. It’s dismal.

    And… you’ve been tagged 🙂

  7. […] happened at Emily’s school.  Through prior plotting with her teacher, we planned on delivering Krispie Treats at 10:00 in the morning, and we would […]

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