Posted by: Kate | April 14, 2009

Another Day, Another Interview

I had a job interview this morning.

Like all of the other ones, it was for a job I am interested in, or could at least make myself be interested in.

Like all of the other ones, it’s something I think I can do well at.  I’m a reasonably smart person with a high success rate in my choen field, and there’s no reason to assume that failure is likely, once I’ve started somewhere.

Like all of the other ones, I interviewed well.  I’m able to answer the questions honestly and eloquently, without sounding rehearsed or kiss-ass.

Like all of the other ones, I have nothing else to say about it.  Of course I want the job – any job – the sooner the better.  Of course I will be disappointed if I don’t get it, especially if I advance to the second-interview round and then get another rejection.  And that final decision is entirely out of my hands, so the best thing I can do for myself is avoid thinking about it and act as if this stay-home mom gig is a full-time, permanent position.

With that in mind, Jacob and I have a slew of errands to run tomorrow, which we’ll do in a slow, leisurely sort of way because I have a head cold and don’t have much choice in the matter of speed.  Also, I’m slowly developing a pet peeve, as I’m out and about more in the daytime: have you noticed how many parents hold their toddlers by the wrist and then walk along at normal-adult speed, leaving the kid to tiptoe and wobble alongside at about twice its normal pace?  It’s awful to watch, I can’t imagine any of the participants enjoy the process.  So I’ve been consciously slowing down and letting Jacob set the pace.  I haven’t noticed an instant change in our daily enjoyment of errands, though it’s true that I was never a wrist-holder to begin with, but it’s one little thing I can consciously do well right now.  And it’s going to be an accumulation of those little things that gets me back on my feet.

Tomorrow is the carnival, or “madhouse,” here, with the topic of Jealousy.  Going to play along?


  1. Kate you sound like you’re getting more philosophical about the job thing and that’s good. Every interview at worst is practice. I’m applying for new jobs as well in a search to get out of my current position. It’s hard, especially at my age but who knows. And yes, walking at toddler pace also lets you smell the roses a little. We’re all in such a rush these days.

  2. Oh sorry, yes I’ll play today/tommorrow but I’ve reached my download limit between 12noon and 2am so might be a little late on the updtake unless I can use my lunch hour wisely!

  3. Oh, I am SO with you on the hand-holding adult-pace that so many parents walk with. That is a real pet peeve of mine, and I vowed before becoming a parent that I’d never do that! (And unlike most of those pre-parenthood vows, this is one I’ve kept.)

  4. I’m with you on the dragging of children. I hate watching it and am always waiting for the poor child’s arm to pop out of the socket. Or for the kid to fall on his/her face.

    I’ll think good job thoughts for you.

    And I am in and posted for tomorrow. Interesting how the topic plays into my life this week…

  5. When I pay attention, the feel of a little hand in mine is about the highest pay I have ever gotten for a job.

    when I pay attention. . . there are days I walk too fast. Today, I was holding a heavy bag with the 14 year old — swinging it between us — and the hand of the 3 year old. I found myself slowly turning diagonally as the old one wanted to walk fast and the young one at her pace. ..

    Sorry about the head cold.

  6. Practice makes perfect, be positive about your interviews, research the position fully and keep on smiling. The harder you work at them the more you will get out of them.

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