Posted by: Kate | April 13, 2009

OK, Occasionally There are Dull Moments

Like most of today. The morning consisted of a slow wake-up process for Jacob and I, with breakfast followed by mindless kid shows and then some playing with cars. Lunchtime morphed into naptime, which Jacob took firm and effusive advantage of. He slept for three hours, and I suspect he’d still be asleep if I hadn’t had to go pick Emily up from school.

The kids are currently either doing chores or bickering, I’m not much concerned about which. Maybe both. And dinner will be a low-key affair, followed by a fast-forwarded review of last week’s American Idol.

Whatever the opposite of fascinating is, I’ve found it. And I couldn’t be more thrilled. Too many days lately with big news, big events, big dramas. I’ll take boring and routine whenever I can get it.

The only slightly unusual part of my day consisted of creating a temporary, false sense of resolution on the problem I alluded to last night. Someone I care very much about disbelieves me about something that is kind of fundamental to the formation of my adult personality. The simple existence of that disbelief messes with me a little – once upon a time, it was enough to make me leave high school a year early because my “best friend” decided to disbelieve the same event and to tell everyone we knew that I was a compulsive liar. Good times. I’m far more confident in my own experiences now, and am willing to accept that I cannot change someone else’s mind, so I’m not looking to sever ties or run away. But in this situation, that disbelief was shared with someone else close to me, and I felt that was inappropriate. Bring it to me, or talk about it to people who won’t share it back with me, but don’t tell someone who is immediately and always going to clue me in.

So there was a necessary phone call, already made and done, in which no true closure was achieved but the point was made that a higher audience-selectivity might be in order. That point seems to have been received, and we should be able to go another ten years or so before it pops up again.

But, seriously. If a 15-minute phone call that was a non-conflict sort of event was the highlight of my day… that’s just fine by me.


  1. <>

    I have no clue what this means.

    But I’m glad you had a calm day and an element of relationship resolution.

  2. Holy cow, what a week. I just got caught up, and it sure sounds like you’ve earned a little boring and humdrum. I hope it continues. ;o)

  3. It’s about manipulation. And about that person. Not you.

    ~ask me how I know~

  4. Compadres! We’re lucky in our culture that we can create closer-than-friends by becoming Compadres. Most of the ways to create this relationship involve religion, but still it fills a gap.

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