Posted by: Kate | April 6, 2009

Hey, Where Ya Been?

Wow, more than… 60 hours since the last post.  Two days completely skipped, blogwise.  Very unlike me, at least in recent years.

Last week was, in all honesty, hellacious.  So many stories from it, some of which are decidedly worth posting… but it’s after 3:00 in the morning and Jacob is sick and has already been up once in the night and I always feel guilty sleeping until noon when I’m home alone with him.

In brief:

Monday 3/30 – Depression.  Bad migraine.  Really bad.  Ineffective migraine treatment.

Tuesday 3/31 – Dregs of migraine.  Job rejection.  Deeper, darker depression.  Babysitting.  Minimal sleep.

Wednesday 4/1 – Depression.  Toddlers.  A locked door.  Another bad migraine.  Ineffective migraine treatment.  Poor discipline techniques.  Crushing anxiety.

Thursday 4/2 – Emergency dental appointment for Emily.  More anxiety.  Baby hospitalized.  Return of extra toddler to house.  Sleepless night.

Friday 4/3 – Emergency dental appointment for Emily.  More anxiety.  Hostage drama near hometown.  More anxiety.  Mother contacted, safe.  Less anxiety.  Extra toddler delivered to different caregiver.  Less anxiety.  Dislodged temporary crown on tooth.  Skyrocketed anxiety.

Looks like fun, huh?  I’ve started writing it out, but it’s an awfully long post, and I just don’t have the stamina to go through the whole week at once.  I’ll finish it in the morning.  I did have some unmitigated awesomeness on Saturday and Sunday, good enough that it might even have made up for the lead-up week, but that’ll have to wait another day.

How was your weekend?  And the whole preceeding week?


  1. Oh Kate, BIG hugs to you!! Here’s to a much quieter week!! I hope Jacob’s feeling better soon! xo

  2. Owch! Sounds like you had a rough week. Hope things pick up for you :).

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