Posted by: Kate | March 31, 2009

Babies are Hard Work

We have both of L’s girls at our house for the night, because their regular sitter is busy tomorrow and while I might be a good friend, I am not a good enough friend to be willing to be at L’s house, a half-hour away, by 6:00 in the morning so that she can be to work on time.  Plus this way I get extra baby-time.

Little K is a happy baby, as long as she’s being held and/or fed.  So she’s work, like any baby (Willem had to cut up my meat at dinner because I didn’t have enough hands), but not infuriatingly so.  The older kids all have that magical quality wherein they sort of cancel each other out, as far as parental maintenance is concerned.  Once in a while I have to wade in and referee, but most of the time they play together and I am rendered irrelevant.  I am perfectly fine with this.

So it’s been a busy day, and tomorrow will be more of the same.  And, because life is just that fair, I have had a screaming migraine since about noon.  I haven’t dared try the new medication yet because I needed to be conscious and functional when all of the kids were awake – now that the older ones are in bed, though nowhere near asleep, I’m seriously considering giving it a shot.  (Baino, you had asked about alternative treatments; on my list of 30 attempted medications are several herbal treatments, and I did try acupressure for a little while in college – it felt kind of nice, I guess, but didn’t really help the migraines.  I haven’t done acupuncture because the needles squick me out.)

Now it’s finally quiet in the house, so I’m going to decide how to deal with this headache and then watch a few episodes of Forensic Files or American Justice with the baby.  She just can’t get enough of those true-crime shows.


  1. I promise you, I feel the same way about needles, but I had acupuncture done after Alex was born and I had all sorts of problems. The freaky part was, the needles actually felt *good*! I knew I was better when they started to bother me again…

    Enjoy your baby time!!

  2. I have to second the acupuncture endorsement. The needles are so tiny you can hardly feel them, and you don’t have to look at them. Might be worth a try, anyway!

  3. I quickly forgot how hard babies were until I had one…. the older the kids get the less supervision they need…those babies need constant watching!

  4. I loved that stage where more kids was actually easier. It’s so good.

    And babies — so hard. Nice, but so hard. None of my friends are having them, so it’s been pretty easy.

  5. […] had L’s girls overnight.  Both were coming down with a cold – coughing, sometimes loudly and with junk rattling around […]

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