Posted by: Kate | March 29, 2009


One of the advantages to being happily – even a little smugly – married is that, even when we have nasty arguments that tap into serious, private vulnerabilities, and even when those fights go unresolved in favor of a semi-silent treatment…

…we can still have make-up sex before we’ve actually figured out a solution, because we know that, eventually, we’ll make up anyway.



  1. that is great!!!

  2. I thought it was a grudge fuck if you hadn’t yet made up, but nevertheless boink on, Kate – boink on, haha.

  3. It almost helps you make up, too, sometimes. Quite perspective-giving.

  4. teehee.

  5. Oh God! Too much information . . then it’s you and there’s no such thing as too much! At least you’re getting some!

  6. Niiiice….and so very true!

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