Posted by: Kate | March 27, 2009

Grandma’s China on the Thanksgiving Table

So, I think my son may have permanently destroyed a perfectly good word for me this week.

Since we’re home alone together most weekdays, there are a lot of times when I set him up with a TV show or some toys while I take my shower. Other times, he wants to join me. I’m not sure at what point I’ll find it no longer appropriate for him to shower with me, but I trust that it will be a clear, understood sort of thing – like when we knew Emily should no longer shower with Willem, even though nothing untoward had happened. You just know.

Anyway, he’s not at that point yet, so in he went. We have a routine, whereby he draws pictures in soap on the back of my legs while I do everything else without stepping on him. This time, he varied a bit from script, when he decided to offer to help me get soaped up, part by part.

Our conversation for the next few seconds followed thusly:
J: Hey, Mama?
K: Yes, Jacob.
J: Do you want me to help wash off your elbows?
K: No, thanks, kiddo, I’ve got them.
J: Hey, Mama?
K: Yes, Jacob.
J: Do you want me to help wash off your back?
K: No, thanks, Jacob. I can do it.
J: Hey, Mama?
K: Yes, Jacob.
J: Do you want me to help wash your face?
K: No, I’m good, Jacob.

Et cetera.

So, when he offered to wash off my “china,” I at first just gave the same half-distracted, “No, thank you, I can do it,” that I had used for all of the previous offers (I think he was more just wandering through his lexicon of boy parts than actually planning to scrub anything at all). And then it occurred to me exactly what he was offering to wash. And I giggled a little when I declined the offer.

It just gives a whole new meaning to the idea of saving your nice china for a special occasion, doesn’t it?


  1. LMAO! Yes, yes it does.

  2. LOL!! Classic!!

  3. That’s awesome!!

    Shane and BB used to shower together. Then Shane fell out of the shower and banged his head on the vanity counter. That was our sign that the boy had gotten too big for showering to be a shared activity. Small shower + 1 growing boy + 1 6’4″ man = head injury.

  4. LOL Classic indeed.

  5. New meaning, indeed, especially when you think about grandma’s on the holiday table! Ack!

    Jacob’s china rhymes with Maggie’s pronunciation of ” ‘gina” … but I think china may be cuter!

  6. That may be one of the all-time best blog titles EVER. Hilarious!!

  7. Now thats funny!

  8. *giggle giggle* so cute and wonderfully innocent

  9. Bwahahahahahahaaaa!!!


    Ohhh Kate that’s the kind of story you can save up to use against him when he’s grown…


  10. Thanks for having me read this! I am so glad you did! Kids are hilarious. I need to carry a pen and notebook everywhere because mine are always saying something so funny and by the time I want to remember it, it’s gone. You will be forever glad you recorded that little jewel to share with him and everyone else!

  11. What a wonderful euphemism. Stirs up all sorts of hilarious associations. Reminds me of the cockney endearment Me Old China….

  12. hahaha! That is hilarious… Kids say the darnedest things, eh? šŸ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I think you are the first NH blogger (other than my family) that I’ve met! šŸ™‚

    We no longer live in Dover, but that’s where I lived for a big part of my life… I love it over there!

  13. My friend told me about one time when she was in the shower with her little girl. Her daughter said something like “Why do you have a big bottom, and I have a little bottom?” and she replied “Because I’m a big girl, and you’re a little girl” and her daughter exclaimed. “When I grow up will I be a big bottom girl like you???”
    She was like – “If you’re lucky!” =P

    That was when she knew it was time for separate showers. šŸ˜‰

  14. Hilarious!

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