Posted by: Kate | March 15, 2009

When is the Last Time…

…that you looked at something and thought, “Huh. Someone actually paid money for that?”

I’ve had that thought a bunch of times, lately, because I’ve been doing some under-the-table transcription work for a few of Willem’s classmates. Sometimes, it’s a relatively obvious interview structure, and even if I might think it could have been done better, I still understand why there is a need to have it all typed out.

Other times – like, just lately – I have absolutely no idea why this is worth $2 a page, double-spaced. Is this woman really getting enough information out of these files to make it worth her money?

Apparently. And, I hope so, because that extra $100 a week is starting to move up from being merely “handy” to “the difference between Ramen noodles and regular pasta.”



  1. God I wish I could get a sideline like that! $2.00 a page at 90 words a minute . . . mmmmm . . .

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