Posted by: Kate | March 12, 2009

Sick Sucks

“Well, you were right, it definitely started as a UTI,” she said. “But it’s looking more serious than that now, more like a bladder infection. Here are your test results, and here’s normal ranges. It doesn’t look good. You need to start an antibiotic, and you probably should do that by IV, in the hospital.”

“Probably should, or really need to? Because I really don’t feel bad enough to be in the hospital right now, no matter what the lab results show.”

“Probably should. I’ll let you go home and start on oral antibiotics, but if you get any worse – especially if you develop a high fever or start vomiting – you need to get to the hospital right away.”

Good times.

(It’s about 24 hours later, and I’m still feeling crappy, but not nauseous and I don’t think I have a fever. I can’t check, because I don’t own a thermometer, but I don’t have that sense of my skin wanting to separate from my body. I should be able to avoid the hospital.)

How awesome is this: I wake up this Thursday achy and sick from a bladder infection, and next Thursday I’ll head to get dental work done and then go home and wait for my mother-in-law to arrive. I honestly can’t decide which is worse.


  1. Oy. Good times.
    I hereby official invite you to join us at our house for recovery/hiding….

  2. Oh, wow…be careful with that since it could so easier become a kidney infection, and you sure don’t want that…that’s what they put you in the hospital for…

  3. I say we outlaw Thursdays altogether.

  4. Good grief. I think I would have opted for the hospital for 24 hours, just as an escape. Of course, we have a nice hospital with good food here – it’s more like a hotel.

    I’m putting something in the mail for you tomorrow. So you’ll have that to look forward to instead of your mother-in-law.

  5. I hope you feel better soon! Try to rest as much as you can and if you can’t stomach cranberry juice – I’ve found that cranapple does the trick too with bladder infections.

  6. Yikes! All that and the mother in law? That’s just wrong!

    Here’s hoping you bounce back – soon! Those bladder infections are nothing to mess around with.


  7. Sounds awful, get well soon! I had a kidney infection once that developed from what I thought was just a UTI, and ended up running a 104 degree fever and getting IV antibiotics in the emergency room. This after oral antibiotics failed. So be careful!

  8. You’ll survive the bladder infection. I did in December.

    The mother-in-law visit? I’m not si sure of.


  9. Any chance that a hospital stay would ward off the mother-in-law visit? Or maybe you want her to come for the kids’ sake.

  10. Sweet HEAVENS. Law, chile.

    You need you a good spate of good, that’s all I can say.

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