Posted by: Kate | February 24, 2009

Off Day

Yesterday was a busy one: science museum in the morning, shovel the driveway in the afternoon (with renewed gratitude toward Willem because this is the first time all season that I’ve had to do so), babysit my friend L’s kids in the evening (which meant three hours of uninterrupted baby-holding) while she went back to the home she shared with her ex, under police escort, to pick up some things she had left behind.

Compared to my life when I was working full-time and juggling complicated kid-schedules and so on, it was fairly tame, but compared to a typical day lately, it was a mile-a-minute sort of experience.

Today, I’m spent. Just very sleepy, and with weird muscles aching; we all know shoveling is hard work, but I always forget just how sore your arms can get after holding a baby for a while. They’re not heavy creatures, but they take a certain amount of tension and care.

An off-day, then, all around. The kids will spend time playing separately, because the scent of imminent squabbles and irritation is in the air, and we’ll all do some housework and chores. And knit, and dose. And – just maybe – enjoy the low-key-ness of it all just a little.

As a reminder, tomorrow is the “structured” posting thing around here… the topic is “Not in Front of the Children.” Let me know if you contribute, and I’ll link away; but I’ll be out of the house between 9:00 in the morning and mid-afternoon sometime, so expect some delays there. I’ll be writing my post tonight, so if yours is written or if you just want a link to your blog instead of to the specific post, toss me a line to that effect…


  1. Enjoy your day off. 🙂
    I’m up for tomorrow- will post before I head to the hospital, likely before nine so, link away.

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