Posted by: Kate | February 17, 2009

Might as Well Schedule in a Colonoscopy, too.

In mid-March, the 19th to be precise, my mother-in-law is planning to visit.

Can you feel my bliss from all the way over there? Because I’m just atwitter with it.

It’s actually sort of a stay of execution; she was originally scheduled to come out on 2/26, but Willem will be in class on Friday the 27th, and that’s when my interview up in Bangor will be. Any other family member, and I say, “Well, sorry that Willem and I can’t be around, but enjoy your day with the kids!” But with her, I don’t trust her nearly as far as I can throw a Mack truck. I think she would feed the children and not assault them, but I don’t think she would speak to the appropriately, and I do think that one day of exposure is enough to cause permanent damage, when faced with a determined and unstable presence. I don’t like that I don’t trust her, but until that changes, to paraphrase Dr Seuss, she cannot be here when their mother is out.

So, 3/19 it is. Which is fabulous, really, because I’m having another round of dental work done that morning… which means full anesthesia, followed by extended periods of fogginess and pain. What better way to greet my long-lost mother-in-law, who has not seen fit to visit in two years and who has not once called to check in with the kids, despite Willem’s efforts to demonstrate to her that she is a crappy communicator and the kids are losing touch with her.

Now I have a month to come up with any other possible ways to make that week as unpleasant as humanly possible.



  1. Wow, well with your MIL you know that she may change her plans yet again. So maybe you will be spared again. Which I know isn’t the healthiest attitude to have, but again considering who we are talking about might be what one should hope for.

  2. $10 says she’ll call and say her “bursitis” is acting up or something and have to cancel. So, don’t get your hopes up just yet. (you know I’m just giving you a hard time, right?) 😉

  3. Oy! Do you think she was really, really going to come on 2/26? Or would bursitis have intervened like Evil Twin’s Wife said? And do you think she’ll really really come in March?

    Keep us posted!

  4. Ugh. I truly hope she makes up some other PA reason not to come. I can feel your irritation from the other side of the internet.

    FYI, I actually just wrote my entry for this week’s theme, so link away!

  5. What are the chances that she’ll cancel? You can always hope for that.

  6. You never know, her neighbor’s friend’s former roommate might die and she’ll have to go into a month of mourning and have to cancel.

    My theme post will be up in about an hour. 🙂

  7. at least some nice drugs will be involved while she is there. 😉

  8. Can you perhaps have your doctor give you some really, really good drugs that weekend?

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