Posted by: Kate | February 7, 2009

What is Normal?

No, not in a deep, existential sort of plane.  I wouldn’t recognize “normal” if it jumped up and bit me, and this applied even when I didn’t feel completely unable to perform adequately in any area of my life.  I could be plugging along, succeeding at things and feeling optimistic, and I still didn’t feel normal.

I mean, for your blog.  What is a normal number of hits per day versus comments?  I read a post earlier from someone who was upset at having gotten only a third as many comments as hits for one day.  A third?  I would lose my mind if a third of my visitors left a comment.  (In a good way, that mind-loss… not the bad, weepy, more-common-of-late sort of way.)  I get an average of 300 hits a day, and it is a rare day in which I get more than 15 comments.

So I thought I’d poll, among those of you who bother posting comments – because of course I want more comments, if I didn’t want comments I’d just keep a private journal and be content with that – what feels normal to you?  What percentage of your readership actually lets you know they’ve been there?

Because if I’m the only one getting a single-digit percentage, I’m going to… well, nothing, probably, because I do get some feedback and because, let’s face it, I’ve been kind of a one-note wonder lately and I’m tired of me, so I have to imagine you all are, too.  But still, I’d like to know.  Inquiring minds, and all.



  1. I don’t get anywhere close to the number of hits a day as you do, maybe 1/4 of that in a week. So I am probably not a good one to ask. 😉

  2. I get one every so many posts. Love them but don’t get a ton.

  3. Wow, 300 hits a day? I just checked my stats for the first time in probably 6 months, and I average probably 50 in a week. But, then, I don’t post as often as I should, and my blog’s pretty boring, so I’m not surprised. I have a few regular commenters, and that’s fine with me. I don’t worry so much about the quantity of comments.

  4. My blog gets around 3 to 6 comments whenever I post anything new…mostly from my good friends and relatives. Mostly, I have my blog for some therapeutic self expression, and it just feels good to figure out HOW to have a blog at this point…but it is nice to have someone listening out there..

  5. How do you figure out how many “hits,” anyway?

  6. I’ve only been blogging since August and I’ve been getting an average of 300 hits per month. My average comments per month is 23, mostly friends I’ve given my blog address to. I’d bet I’d get more if my mother had my blog address…

  7. I wasn’t upset as much as I was confused by the logic (and I had a few glasses of wine under my belt too – I had meant it to come off as funny… FAIL). Anyway, I do realize that many people come back after their initial visit to read other comments – and I will also comment back to commenters, etc.

    I think what was really on my mind that day was that I leave many more comments on blogs than I get comments…IOW, I see it as if I leave a someone a comment, and they follow my blog, the least they could do is leave a comment on mine every now and again. It was just confusing me. LOL.

  8. You get far more hits than I do. I usually get about 1000/month. If I have something special going on, I might get a burst. I probably get between 2-10 comments on most posts, but I have many that don’t get a comment at all.

  9. I have a single-digit readership, unless I post something really interesting on Knitty, so I have a decent response rate. One person out of five is 20%. :p

  10. I don’t actually know how to check such things, but I don’t really write much anymore anyway. I barely ever get comments online for either site, but I do hear from people in person about them.

  11. I would guess that I get less than 10 hits per post, and generally 1-3 comments. I’m fine with that, since my blog is for me most of the time and the rest of y’all are just there for the ride (flat as it generally is).

    I love reading blogs. For me, it’s the same kind of fascination I have with reality tv. I love peeking into people’s lives. I comment on 3-4 blogs, though I’m not a regular commenter on any of them.

  12. Acutally…I think I only have two people that even read my blog and they are people that actually know me. LOL So you are doing better than me.

  13. I get a fair number of hits, but almost no comments. I”d love more, but c’est la vie.

  14. I get maybe 125-150 hits a day on a weekday, and about 10-15 comments per post, except for the rare breakout. So I think that’s like 10%. Tends to be the regulars who comment, whereas I don’t know if all the visiters are the same people or not.

  15. During the week, I average between 20-30 hits per day. It’s lower on the weekends (10-15). And I don’t get many comments at all … maybe 2 or 3 on a good day … and many posts without any comments at all. I do have many IRL readers/friends who will comment when I see them, or who send an email rather than leave a comment. I thought my hits might increase after joining FB since I share the link on my profile, but so far I haven’t noticed a significant change.

  16. 300? I consider it a good day if I get 30 hits. And the most comments I’ve ever had was 11, and that was the day I announced Elizabeth’s birth.

  17. I stopped looking at how many hits I got a day. I stopped caring about that.

    I’ve come to realize, the more comments left at other places means the more comments received. I have about 10 faithful readers who comment regardless – others I have to “pull” in all the time.

  18. My stats seem to follow what I’ve heard, which is that 1 visitor in 10 will comment, on average. But visits vs. hits has always been a little fuzzy in my mind – one person visiting once can generate more than one hit, depending on how many posts/pages they read, right?

    No question, I love comments, but since my readership doesn’t seem to feel moved, I get excited just by seeing that someone in some town I’ve never heard of is visiting regularly.

  19. I haven’t worked out how to measure ‘hits’ but don’t really care, most are random searches that just pop up due to a key word. Comments anything from 15 to 30 . . .anymore and I’d have trouble responding! I like my little group of commenters and manage to keep in touch with many via email too . . .Don’t fret pet, I’m always reading even if I don’t comment.

  20. Okay, me again. I just realized something perhaps interesting, perhaps not, to wit: I am the kind of person likely to comment on a blog I read. (In real life this same characteristic has a tendency to get me in trouble at some level; I open my mouth more than I should.)

    But when I go to a blog that already has some number of comments above an arbitrary threshhold, I know that I am far less likely to add mine. I think that arbitrary number is around 18 or 20. I suppose my thinking is, they already have so many people reading them, they really don’t want or need me. They’ll never come read my little blog, and, well, you know. So I skulk away, and maybe I lurk. Or maybe not. Because I value the interaction, I suppose.

    So there’s my four cents. (Which came to me, btw, after I clicked on Becky up there. And didn’t comment, though I thought she was riotously funny.)

  21. I don’t get very many comments at all. I guess it’s because I’m not consistent with my blog. I do get a lot of hits, though.

  22. I get around 200+ hits per day. And around 15 comments on a good day.
    That’s not why I do it though. I love the structure of daily writing. Even if its (usually) just blather.

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