Posted by: Kate | February 4, 2009

Memories… All Alone in the Moonlight…

OK, yeah, a gratuitous song stuck in the head for you, if you’ve ever seen CATS (or if you ever attended a Barenaked Ladies concert in their earlier years).  Sorry about that.

But that’s my theme of the day, and it’s all Facebook’s fault.  I don’t do every meme that comes along, because there truly are limits to how many random things one can come up with, and I hate the iPod shuffle memes, and I never have an interesting book at hand for the “flip to page 64…” sorts of things.  But yesterday, I was tagged by a friend in a very simple meme: “Post a note called Memories and tag people, asking each of them to come and share one memory they have of you.”

A simple thing, but so cool.  Some of the things people have come up with have just been delightful.  There’s the obligatory heartwarming moment, such as the just-between-sisters talk on a long car trip, and the from-another-point-of-view tidbit, like a classmate who saw me as “so calm” in a roleplaying exercise, when I remember feeling completely outclassed.  Others have been these tiny, obscure snapshots, just driving in a car and listening to a song or an afternoon with the kids at a museum.  Random sorts of things, all in all.

And so fun, because it’s always a thrill to get a glimpse of my own life through someone else’s eyes.  To have that realization that, “Oh, you remember that, too?  I thought only I did.”

It’s also a reminder of how much I need in-real-life, flesh-and-blood interactions, from time to time.  You all, in your various cyber-forms, are wonderful, but there’s something irreplaceable about having actually, physically been there.

So I’ve smiled more today than I have in a long time, which is a wonderful and much-needed thing.  And I decided to bring it here to the blog, as well, to see if there are any other memories waiting to be jogged loose.  Have we met?  What was that like?  What do you remember?  And this is not, really and truly, a plea for unconditional positive regard or an ego-boost; if we met and I irritated you or insulted you or otherwise created an unpleasant situation, I would be happy to hear about that, too.  Because it all matters.

And remembering things past helps remind me that, someday, this current pile of stress and angst that I’m dealing with will also be a memory.



  1. I remember the time we went to Rhinebeck together, and we had an excellent time with wine, chocolaty things, and plenty of lovely fibers.

    Oh wait, hasn’t happened yet. Maybe this year?

  2. I’m going to steal that meme, even though you didn’t tag me… which of course I can’t take offense at since we don’t actually know each other! I do remember the first time we “met” — it was your 21 Shirts post, and I was in awe from the start. Still am. You rock.

  3. I, too, remember Rhinebeck. The freezing cold room with only 1 light, spilling ketchup on my pants and exclaiming “son of a bitch” just as you hung up with Barb, freezing our arses off, and making it to NY in record time, despite mapquest not being bothered to tell us which direction to take off an exit.

    Also: Sarah’s shirt and the host at VinnyT’s, chocolate rescues after totally losing it at work, and snark nights over various reality tv shows. oh, and creepy huggy doris.

  4. My first memory of you is hearing your story of the heavy bleeding with you were pg with Jacob. It made me feel so much better to know that someone else had been through this and gone on to have a healthy baby! Hopefully, one of these days, I’ll have some IRL memories with you too! 🙂

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