Posted by: Kate | January 31, 2009

Serial Monogamy

I fell in love with another house today.

The one was much closer to Boston – close enough to see the city skyline from the beach, which is four blocks away. Four blocks makes it twice as far from the beach as the other much-loved house, but not unbearably so.

It’s half as old as the other house, which is actually a bit of a minus in my book, because the older the house, the more charm and uniqueness. But still, it’s 99 years old, and by the time we move and settle and practice on friends and family, we would be opening our B&B in a year… there’s something kind of cute about celebrating the house’s 100th year that way.

It doesn’t have a room that would contribute itself to becoming a yarn shop, and the basement would need to be finished before Willem could set up his bar (though I’ve already named it: the ManHole. See? Basement? Yeah.).

But otherwise? Ohhhh, it’s nice. It needs some things, both just for plain-old living in and for operating a B&B, but we’ve been on that particular train of thought already: I prefer someplace that needs some input from me in order to reach for perfect. It’s a great setup for two guest rooms, plus very large bedrooms for each of the kids; large enough that I wouldn’t mind having them share, if we’re able to add to the family. There’s space for a bedroom and a separate, shared office for Willem and I – a big plus, as right now his desk sits just past the foot of our bed. The kitchen causes active salivation – it’s huge, with more cabinets than you can shake a stick at, and a center island that is positively erotic in terms of its convenience and general awesomeness.


So, yeah, I’m in love. But lest you think I’m getting a little promiscuous here, in my realty affections, we also revisited the other house today. The house that seemed perfect, especially without having any good comparisons. It’s not. It would be, for someone, but the room setup is just a little bit too odd. There is one bedroom that can only be accessed through a bathroom or through another bedroom; not a great setup for guests or family members. It’s still gorgeous, and will always hold a place in my heart as my first house-love, my first glimmer of hope that the right home is out there, patiently waiting for me to come and settle in.


  1. I LOVE the Manhole!!! It is very much fun to hear about your real estate adventures, especially when the possibilities are so tangible. I can’t wait to read more.

  2. Our house was 99 when we moved in…

  3. That kitchen sounds orgasmic!

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