Posted by: Kate | January 22, 2009

Not Safe For Work

Some women get love letters from their husbands, or links to interesting news stories, or grocery lists. I’ve received all of the above from mine… but I also received this:

Seriously, NSFW. Or around small children. Or in mixed company. Both because the content is… questionable, though not offensive to me (and I have an extremely low tolerance for porn), and because you run the risk of giggling until you can’t breathe.



  1. Seriously, that’s just disturbing. And I’m the one who posted it! This is what happens when I’m exhausted and experiencing a low give-a-shit level.

  2. Oh, that is SO funny!!! LOL!!!

  3. That might just be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen condoms do!

  4. He he he.

    I posted that on my blog last Friday night.

    Absolutely hilarious.

  5. Giggling!!!

  6. I showed my sons and my older one just found a bunch more on YouTube…one is the funniest outtake ever…don’t worry, my sons are 17 1/2 and 21!!

  7. It’s either adorable in a totally disturbing way or disturbing in a totally adorable way.


  8. Funny but did I tell you that the sound of squeeking balloony things is like nails down a blackboard to my ears! GAH . . .had to turn the sound off!

  9. If you liked that (and it’s so fun and silly), check out this, which was made a decade ago, by a friend of my boyfriend’s:





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