Posted by: Kate | January 21, 2009

Toddlers Encounter Newborn, Heighten Self-Awareness



  1. I really struggled to come up with the right heading/caption for this photo, and just couldn’t do it. I find it completely hilarious; it was taken right after both kids had taken turns holding the new baby, and we had a Q&A session about the umbilical cord stump and clip.

    Learn something new every day…

  2. Oh yes, the belly button conversation. I remember it well.

  3. Gold! So did it emanate in a whole load of other questions about ‘why the baby has a thing tying it to it’s mum?’

  4. Oh! So that’s why I have that thing.

  5. Great photo!

  6. Speech bubbles: Look! I have a belly button too!

  7. So cute.

  8. Oh Kate, how cute is that!! Children can brighten a day that’s for sure!

  9. That is a great shot. You can just see them thinking about this one.

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