Posted by: Kate | January 11, 2009

In Case You’re Snowed in for the Day…

…I give you a new game, guaranteed to suck at least several minutes out of your day, if not more.

I got 255 the first time I played, and am about to show superhuman strength and go to bed instead of staying up and playing just one more time.



  1. awww, crap. Thanks a lot.

  2. Oh yeah – boomshine. I got sucked into it last year and wasted DAYS. I’m exercising extreme willpower and not clicking on the link.

  3. Uh… thanks. Now, if you could only find me a game that’ll do laundry and go grocery shopping in the snow, I’d love that. Alas, I’ll have to do all the not-so-fun things myself.

  4. Eep, I should have read what it said on that first screen… says highly addictive right there. Yes, it is, oh yes, it is. ; )

  5. Thanks alot for helping me avoid lesson plans!

  6. LOL…ok got to the end…forget my score though! Not a good thing for an OCD person to get caught up in!!:)

  7. Dammit. 253. Level 12 is a cruel, cruel thing indeed.

  8. I’m going to get Yorkie if it’s the last thing I do (insert wicked laugh here). It’s TOTALLY her fault!

  9. That was not a nice thing to do. When nothing gets done around here I am blaming you. And ditto on level 12.

  10. It took me FOREVER to get through level 12 but I got 272..and it is not snowing here. I would click fold laundry and start a new loadand come back to the computer to see my score. AGH!!!!!!!!!!!

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