Posted by: Kate | January 10, 2009

Not Headline-Worthy

Nothing headline-worthy happened today.

This, all by itself, in light of recent health worries and job angst, is practically headline-worthy in and of itself.  But the irony of that seems a bit overmuch, somehow.

But, no.  No bad news moments, or even high-stress moments.  We were fairly busy, with low-key sorts of errands and events, and the sum total of it all feels like a smashing success.

It started with the news, direct from Mr. Mumbles McWhatsit at the New Hampshire Board of Labor, that there is no official, legal misconduct in the fact that the company I worked for has relisted the position I vacated, less than 60 days later, without having offered it to me.  Morally and ethically wrong, perhaps – it sure doesn’t pass muster in my book – but not illegal.  Which means there is no possibility for a lawsuit, which is such a deep, intense relief for me.  I don’t want to sue.  I’m not sure I even want that job back now, and I’m certain I don’t want to fight for it in court.  But I would have felt morally obligated to act if I knew a crime had been committed.  I would have had to call our lawyer and generally end up embroiled in something unpleasant.  Instead, I started my day with confirmation that the company has done something nasty, but with reassurance that there is nothing I can or should do about that.

Next, there was a haircut for Jacob.  He is a mellow, Zen kind of guy, not prone to tantrums or even complaining, but a haircut is not his favorite way to spend a morning.  Especially since we go to the local beauty school, where the cost is $8 regardless of  gender or hair length (Does it strike anyone else as a tad insane that long hair costs more to cut than short hair, when long hair is so much more forgiving for small errors and inconsistencies at the ends?), but the trade-off is an hour in the chair, no matter what the procedure.  They’re students, and a bit nervous, and they make no sudden movements.  Or even moderately quick ones.

But Jacob soldiered through his sixty minutes of coiffure, fueled by idle chatter and the promise of lunch at Friendly’s, without a hint of impatience or resentment.

From there, we went home and had an hour of nap/quiet time for Willem, Jacob and myself.  I got a much happier email alert than yesterday’s horribleness; to wit, a notice that one of the houses I liked on is having an Open House on Sunday.  So I called and got the address, and we’ll all be taking a drive down to Beverly, MA, this weekend.  It’s far too early to consider this the place, and I sure do hope I don’t get attached because there are a lot of details that point to this place as meeting several of our minimal needs without exceeding any expectations.  But I am all kinds of wiggly-excited to be taking a first, tangible step toward what still, many days, feels like a dream.  (And, yes, as a matter of fact, Don Quixote was the high school play during my junior year, and I occasionally cycle “The Impossible Dream” around my head without conscious volition.)

Then it was time to get dressed nicely, pick Emily up from school, and head to the mall to get our annual family portrait taken.  And it was, by any measure, an unmitigated success.  Observe:


True, Emily is sporting a goofy, eight-year-old grin, but she’s in that awkward phase wherein her baby teeth are mostly gone and the adult teeth are mostly in, but not all the way, and her face hasn’t lost the baby fat yet. And I would prefer an open-mouthed, gawky grin to tight-lipped self-consciousness any day.

While waiting for the photos to be printed, we wandered across the mall to the toy store and let the kids spend their Christmas money on anything they wanted.  At all.  I’d have censored their decisions if they had chosen overtly violent or inappropriate items, but I didn’t need to.


Totally not my choice, for either child.  Emily’s is big and has already gotten in the way several times and just epitomizes the concept of imminent-novelty-wearing-off, and Jacob’s is so loud that I’ll probably get noise complaints from other counties.  But they’re happy and they got to savor the bliss that is a completely self-focused splurge.  It won’t happen often, money being what it is around these parts, and it will be balanced by a trip to the bank sometime this week to deposit the $40 of their Christmas money that they never even knew they had.

From there, we sallied forth (which sounds vastly more effeminate than the drive in the Penis Truck actually was) to the home of Willem’s dissertation advisor, for a dinner postponed from the ice storm in December.  We all behaved well and enjoyed ourselves, got home at a reasonable hour, and now the children are sleeping all snug in their beds.

Just a good day, which is such a relief after some bad ones.  I never did make it to the hospital for my labs and xrays, and promise to do so first thing Monday morning.  Well, second thing, right after my appointment with my OB-GYN to discuss this ongoing inability of mine to further populate the planet.  Tomorrow, it’s a rockin’ time of grocery shopping and then seeing my father and his girlfriend for dinner, and Sunday we start house-hunting and I have lunch with two of my closest friends in the world.

Small successes, all of the above.  And I am so grateful for that un-headline-worthiness.


  1. Wonderful family photo! I think that’s going to be our present to the families this year for Christmas. Where do you get yours done?

    Have fun looking at the new house! Even if it’s too early to start seriously considering it, just looking is a good way to start getting yourself psyched up – not that you need more psyching up about leaving the current house, though!

  2. Have a great time on Sunday looking at the house. Who knows in this market it may still be available when you are ready to put in a bid on it. I am glad that you had a fairly relaxing, non newsworthy day.

  3. What a beautiful family. I haven’t yet been brave enough to do a portrait that includes me–but I have to, because otherwise I will regret it.
    Very nicely done!

  4. Gorgeous portrait! This Christmas was the first time in months we actually got a couple of decent photos of Alex. Evan, at ten, is getting out of the akward phase and Alex will be in it for awhile yet. Two of his top adult teeth are finally coming in, so that should help some!

    You have a beautiful family!! Enjoy your weekend and let me know how it goes on Sunday!

  5. Such a nice looking family!

  6. Love the portrait!!!
    I had a similar noisy pinball game when I was a kid and I played with that thing until it died!!! I LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!

  7. One of my close girlfriends lives in Beverly!

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