Posted by: Kate | January 4, 2009

At Least I Can Make the Calls Instead of Just Waking up too Early

I have to make three phone calls tomorrow morning.

First, to my OB-GYN. I’ve been on Clomid for 4 months, and so in December I had an ultrasound, because Clomid can cause cysts. The ultrasound seemed to go fine, the technician said she saw nothing out of the ordinary and I didn’t get an immediate call from my doctor, so I assumed things were OK. We left to spend the holidays at my mother’s, and came home to SIX messages from the OB-GYN’s nurse, just, “This is Maria from Dr. OB-GYN’s office, please call us back.” Every few days, another message. Which gets my knickers in a twist, because I know for certain that they have my cell phone number, and I know for certain I had my cell phone with me, but somehow they couldn’t be bothered to call that number. We arrived home late Friday night, too late to do anything about it, so I get to call and find out why they’re so anxious to reach me.

Next, to my primary care doctor. I have had chronic lower-back pain for a little over a year, exacerbated last January by a fall. An x-ray at the time showed some compression in my lumbar spine, but with one thing and another there was never any further investigation or testing. Now, and for the past two or three months, it has been much worse. I had to wait a while to call, because I lost health insurance when I lost my job in November, but now we are all safely insured again, and so I’ll be calling to arrange a new x-ray. Anxious about that, a bit, especially because my uncle has recently gone on full disability for arthritis of the – you guessed it – lower spine.¬† Which is – oh, yay – a genetic disorder.

Then, to my dentist. I have had tooth pain in one spot since the dental work I had done in August, which is frustrating because before then I had eleven cavities and NO pain, now I have no cavities and pain. Great. He’s tried a few sealants and the like, which have not worked, so the next step is a root canal. This is not as upsetting to me as it might be to a normal person, because I am so dental-phobic that a simple checkup throws me into a tailspin and any actual work requires general anesthesia. So I’ll be out for the procedure, I just need to schedule it.

And the scheduling of all of these activities is tricky, because my friend L (who lived with us over the summer) is due ***any minute now*** and she has asked me to attend the birth, and she and her daughter are moving back in with us for several weeks afterward. So I need to cram things in quickly or delay them until the end of the month, just to be on the safe side.

I don’t expect to have a bunch of answers by tomorrow, but I should at least have a bunch of appointments. I do better with action than with waiting, somehow.



  1. Yikes! that’s a lotta calls! Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. Yikes! Good luck with everything, I’m thinking of you.

  3. I do much better with action too, even though I am the world’s biggest procrastinator (married to world’s 2nd biggest). Good luck with all the scheduling. I have a quite a bit of that to do tomorrow too. Ugh.

  4. Jeez, and I thought I had a few things to worry about! Good luck with all the various problems. And how crazy it is that health care over there is so often tied to jobs and not state-provided and automatic. I hope Obama makes some progress in that direction.

  5. […] is Overrated Little by little, I’m slogging through this latest crop of health issues and getting bits of information here and there; though, because how could anyone expect […]

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