Posted by: Kate | January 2, 2009

Home Crap Home

I suppose it’s a sign of a good vacation, when it feels so blah to walk back in one’s own door.  And, to be sure, my lower back will be very happy to spend time on a mattress with, you know, springs and stuff tonight.  But otherwise?  Meh.

I really needed some family time, really needed time around people who love me and don’t ask about work.  I had several days with my mom and sisters, two visits with my mother’s parents, an afternoon with the one branch of Willem’s family that is not one step away from their walk-on role in either Whatever Happened to Baby Jane or The Shining, and an evening with my kids’ godparents.  Good stuff, all around.  I spent something less than five minutes with my best friend from high school, just long enough to assure myself that there’s a reason we grew apart, and a several-hour lunch with a college roommate and her family, long enough to hope that we’ll be able to get together again soon.  I escaped to one friend’s house for a whole afternoon, just to sit and chat about everything and nothing.

All those people, all that connection, was restorative.

Walking back into my own house, where the vibes are just not good, was not.  I’ll get over it soon enough; within days, I need to schedule a lower-back x-ray because I think things have deteriorated in that area and now I have health insurance again so I might as well use it.  I have to call my OB-GYN because they left five urgent call-us-back messages over the past week, though they never called my cell phone and I had called the office for other reasons in the meantime, but my last experience there was for an ultrasound to look for cysts so now I get to obsess about that until Monday.  I have to schedule a root canal for a premolar on my right side.  I’ll be busy.

In happier chores, I also need to call a contractor and Realtor to start the process of making this house someone else’s.  I also need to drag out my yarn bins, because we stopped at WEBS this afternoon, and as a result of my sister’s Christmas Miracle – she ordered a $25 gift certificate and a $100 arrived in the mail – I have enough fiber to keep me occupied well into the next decade year month.

So, lots to do, and most of it positive or at least healthy. And I can hope that my current doldrums are a combination of post-holiday letdown (all of that Enforced Happy has got to balance out sometime) and PMS, and therefore short-lived.


  1. I hope your back gets better! That’s the worst!

  2. Come back any time!!! Mitzie didn’t get a chance to sneeze on you.

  3. Kate, I’m excited for you that you’ll have the time to devote to transforming your house into someone else’s home. When will you start looking for your home near the beach?

  4. oooooooo, you mean I get to come to a beach house!!? 😉 You know I would focus on the other positive goods going on, a home you will love, in a place you will love and regenerate yourself oceanside.
    When I had to come home from hospitals or my parents’ house it was hard and sad. In my case I had to face it alone, no nurse or family to help keep the medicine, eating and therapy schedules. I came home just Derek and me while Steve had to go back to work, ALONE with all of my responsibilities. As much as I hated my child being sick it was nice to not carry the burden on my own. My home was a reminder of our reality and not being home was an escape no matter where it was.
    I barely survived. I hung on to the hopes of miracles and dreams of a healthy child. I seldom lived in full reality because it was too much. I still some days think about “when ___ happens/comes.” to get through those tough moments and light a spirit of excitement and drive.
    Love ya.

  5. That’s intense. So much activity with such heavy crosses… you sound like you have some good karma due!

    That’s a sweet voucher deal! Where can I get one of those 😉

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