Posted by: Kate | December 30, 2008

Four Vodka-Cranberries

In case you’re into measurement and predictability, I can now confirm that, at any given moment, when sober, I am four vodka-cranberries away from giggly and wobbly and a bit too forthcoming.

Even on a full stomach.

My husband, kids, sisters and mother went across the street for cocktails (for those over 21) and a Disney movie (for the rest of the crowd) after dinner this evening. Even on a full stomach, four drinks is beyond my limit, and whoooooo.

Ask me anything.  Really.  Hah.  Poor Calvin – neighbor – he knows more about my family history than he was ever expecting to find out.  At some point, my mom and youngest sister took my kids home; too bad, because it would’ve been fun to hear my mom’s take on some of the topics that came up, but probably best that the kids left.  They don’t need to know quite that much about their mother, just yet.

Good times.  Really.  I only hope I’ll continue to have fond memories tomorrow morning, when my liver stops being numb and starts to have its own opinion about the night’s events.

Barbara is the tree (bush) (get it? Barbara Bush? Hee hee.) in my mother’s front yard; her Christmas lights were still on when we stumbled home. The rest is approximately self-explanatory. I think. Although everything makes more sense to me right now than it probably should.

Update: Woke up without the tiniest glimmer of hangover. And, mostly, an ability to remember the evening. Mostly.


  1. Hee-hee. Our tree this year was Tina-the-Tree (not as creative as you) but so glad someone else names it. Vodka Cranberry used to be my drink. Glad you enjoyed it and hope today has dawned late and hang-over free!

  2. Ha! Hope you’re feeling okay today!

  3. Yeah, I am glad you got kick back, relax and unload -regardless of who got to hear it all, you needed it. I am even happier knowing that there were few bad effects from the night of cocktails! 🙂
    Too bad there wasn’t a camera around to capture the events.

  4. Well you could do with a few giggles after the events of the past couple of months . . .cranberry you say . . .also good for the Urinary Tract so strictly speaking you were imbibing a health drink!

  5. Something tells me drinking with you would be delightful. Hope we can do that someday!

    I’m jealous of the lack of hangover – that has seemed to get worse with me the older I get. Hopefully January 1st will not find me hung over.

  6. Boy are you lucky, no hangover! One of the things that menopause did for me was take away the “ability” to get tipsy. Used to be, one or two and I was at that happy, giggly stage…now nothing happens at all (not that I would drive in any event) but no buzz any more 😦 ! Love the note to your mom. Hope Calvin’s back survived a night on the floor.

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