Posted by: Kate | December 25, 2008

Nobody Puts Cherries in the Corner

I was exhausted and overstimulated four hours ago… now I’m somewhere beyond that.  We had a truly wonderful holiday, family and four billion calories and fantastic gifts (but not too many, which was a nice change from excesses of the past).  Just good stuff.

All I’ve got to share, at the moment, until the photos are uploaded and I find a way to get more than four consecutive hours of sleep (arriving after 1:00 in the morning the first night and then attending the midnight candlelight service at church the second somehow get in the way of adequate sleep), is Willem’s comment regarding the cherry-almond cake I made (recipe courtesy of Barb, and really really good stuff).

It’s a – you guessed it – almond cake, topped with a layer of cherry pie filling, covered wtih streusel topping and icing.  The recipe calls for a 21-ounce can of cherry pie filling, and I insisted on making my own instead, which resulted in approximately 16 ounces of something far tastier and more self-congratulatory than storebought.  This meant that the cherry layer was a bit thinner than the recipe, and so the first, corner slice came out of the pan with only the barest hint of cherry.

And thus it was that Willem was able to tie in a Dirty Dancing reference with Christmas dessert.  Because, “Nobody puts cherries in the corner.”


  1. Hee…that is a damn fine recipe, isn’t it? 🙂 And no, even though the original calls for nasty canned pie filling, making your own is infinitely better. Did you try adding the chocolate to the top too?

  2. Oooh sounds delish . . he’s a jester that lad of yours!

  3. Yum!

    My favorite Dirty Dancing quote is the one with the melons… it’s just so random, and it works for so many situations, it’s downright amazing.

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