Posted by: Kate | December 20, 2008

A Kept Woman

I received my first check from New Hampshire Employment Services yesterday.  The whole process went smoothly and confusingly, because their rules and jargon are difficult for me to sort out and I’m a psychologist with a background in engineering – I’m quite used to confusing rules and arbitrary jargon.  But still, I spent a lot of time adopting a “just wait until they tell me what to do next” stance, which resulted in a check magically appearing in the mailbox.

I’ve lost any sense of ambivalence I once had about collecting unemployment.  I’m still applying for jobs, even though as the days tick away and our planned move date sneaks closer it feels increasingly unfair, both to myself and to a prospective employer, to accept a new position.  We’re hoping to move in June, and I wouldn’t be able to start any job before January; six months is usually just about enough time to finish with training and figure out where the bathrooms are and feel something other than idiotic and clueless and new-guy.  So, we’ll see.

In the meantime, I can buy a few Christmas presents without quite as much guilt and angst.  Between our savings, Willem’s TA stipend, and the possibility of some transcription work for me in January, we should be able to coast through another several months before a full-time job becomes a terrible necessity.

I’ll be a kept woman of the State of New Hampshire for a while.  I hope they don’t expect me to put out in return.


  1. Hey, you pay your taxes, it’s an entitlement that we don’t get over here if you’re married to someone who’s working. I once took a single parent pension for six weeks while I was finding work but couldn’t live on it . . .$280 a fortnight just wasn’t enough so I ended up with a shit temp job that turned into a GREAT permanent position. Good luck!

  2. You are definitely entitled and that is why they (your previous employer) paid for it as well, soak it up!! 😉 I know it is barely anything when comparing it to a “real check” but it is something and you deserve at least that.

  3. You already do put out — remember those taxes? Good for you and I’m glad the strain is lessened.

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