Posted by: Kate | December 1, 2008

School for Troubled Rich Kids

I just came back from a job interview at the School for Troubled Rich Kids, actually fairly close to here.  Took me about 20 minutes to get from door to door, and that includes a jolt of panic as another driver edged me off the paved portion of the road into several inches of slush and made steering and braking entirely superfluous concepts for a few moments.  I remembered the Driver’s Ed stuff, tap the brakes, steer into the skid, aim for the center of the road, and it was a happy ending, but still.  I sat in the car and waited for my heart rate to fall below triple digits before actually entering the building.

And, no, that’s not its real name.  But it’ll do for blogging purposes, plus how much cooler would it be it there really was truth in advertising?

I sat down with three different interviewers, and as far as I can tell, I didn’t make an ass of myself.  The first woman said that they had been advertising for a little over a month and had turned two applicants away because “their personalities just didn’t seem to fit in.”  Which seems a touch earthy-crunchy, but then again, it is a therapeutic boarding school and so I can see how personality matters.

The second woman told me, “Your personality seems like it would really fit in well here.”

So, we’ll see.  I’m to wait until Monday, at which point they should call back with an indication of whether they want to move on to a day spent with the kids and other staff before a job offer would materialize.  A part of me is very interested, and another part of me is very not, and so the waiting game continues.

I have another job interview lined up next Tuesday, down in Massachusetts.  It’s about an hour commute from here, now, but they have a sattelite office close to where we’re planning to move next year, so the short-term hassle of a long commute might be overcome by the longer-term benefits.  All depends on the salary and such.

For now, I’m going to go hop in the car to see my dentist, because we all know how much I loooooooove that.  But I have a painful tooth, one that didn’t hurt before all the work I had done in August, so I need to stop ignoring it.  I’ve been assured that he won’t be doing any work today, so I’m loading up on Ativan and courage and hopping in the car by myself, instead of waiting for a time when Willem can drive me.

I don’t know if I want people to wish me luck on the job stuff yet – I have an appointment at the Unemployment Office on Thursday, so a complete lack of gainful employment is still an option – because I just don’t know what I want.  But I would welcome luck on the drive to the dentist, and on the not embarrasing myself in public once there.



  1. Good luck at the dentist. I am phobic about going, and I need to. My dentist, who is kind of a family friend, likes to call and harass me.

  2. I love the name of the potential employer. Maybe everything should be named that. Once I worked at Will Sue if You Want Attorneys, for instance.

    Good luck at the dentist. I wish I could be there and hold your toes if that would help.

  3. Hope the dentist went well.
    My former employer, the school for troubled poor kids, is hiring. Let me know if you’re interested….

  4. Well I hope the appointment went well. I am honestly interested in this new job prospect you have.

  5. Did you ever hear anything from the first job you interviewed for? Good luck at the dentist!

  6. Sounds like a potentially interesting job. So I’m wishing you potential future luck if you should decide you want it.

    And straight up good luck with the dentist.

  7. Well good luck on all counts anyway. My daughter has just arrived home from 10 months overseas and the job search is beginning for her too in an ever tightening market.

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