Posted by: Kate | November 28, 2008

The Little Things

I have a job interview on Monday and a meet-and-greet at the Unemployment Office on Thursday.  I’ll be returning a call to a place in Massachusetts, a bit of a commute now but not bad from where we plan to move, and calling the place up north to see if they’ve resolved their budgeting issues yet.  This all in the midst of continuing, crushing ambivalence: I’m still not sure I want another job.  If we can afford the basics between unemployment and the occasional transcription work, it might be kind of nice to have the holidays off.  And, you know, January.  Just ’cause.

But I don’t consider myself to be at a decision point quite yet.  Right now is the time to be broadcasting and gathering information; sending out résumés and finding out what jobs are being advertised.  I registered on, which has both the advantage and disadvantage of sending job descriptions directly to my inbox; it’s hard to ignore the situation when it’s right there staring at you in the morning.  Once a job offer comes through, then it’s time to decide whether it’s right for me.  Or even just good enough.

In the meantime, I’m trying to focus on the smaller things, just to find reasons to brainlessly smile at something without considering a dozen possible implications and what-ifs.

Things like the fact that has changed its setup to allow themes, and so I unerringly clicked directly on the Beach theme.  It asked me to specify a location, and now, instead of a simple tan-and-blue background throughout the day, it changes color based on the position of the sun at that beach.  How cool is that?

And things like a very cute baby hat and coordinating big-sister hat for L’s kids, finished tonight.  Jacob didn’t want to model a girl hat, and I didn’t have a newborn on-hand to accurately show the littler hat in use, and so I pressed my cat into service.


If I wake up tomorrow with my nostrils packed full of cat hair and litter, I’ll know why.


  1. Love the hats. Hugs for the rest of it.

    As for knitting, you finally got to me. I have two scarves going at once right now, I have only frogged DJ’s about 60 times and started over. I will succeed though.

  2. Ooooh, the hats! Adorable!

    As for the rest, I think when the time comes, you’ll know what to do.

  3. I LURVE the hats!

    And I think the ambivalence is perfectly normal.

  4. i picked the same gmail background.

  5. I love that gmail has themes now. I chose the mountain one.

    Pretty hats! Oh, I will be putting a package in the mail to you on Monday with some stuff for the baby shower (and a little something for X).

  6. hehehehehehehe – chances are you will be safe from litter as i don’t think the cat will be able to remember the offense. i hear it takes at least three brains cells to have that occur 😛

  7. Adorable. You may be single-handedly responsible for my getting out the needles I bought for myself a few years back…

    And good luck with the interview/job thing today!! Even if you decide a spate of unemployment is just the thing, it’s nice to have options.

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