Posted by: Kate | November 23, 2008

Dear Prospective Employer,

I understand the budget crunch all too well, having just been laid off from a highly satisfying (if coworkerly frustrating) position due to “cost reduction efforts.”  I sympathize.

But perhaps you might want to consider such things before advertising for new positions.  Certainly before inviting an applicant to interview and then keeping her there for two and a half hours’ worth of questions, answers, and a tour.

And calling said applicant on a Saturday afternoon to say, “We haven’t made a decision yet, but I wanted to let you know that we have concerns about our budget and we’ll be back in touch in a few more days,” is, I suppose, decent enough in the sense of notification and communication, but kind of a horrible potential, vague, kinda-sorta bomb to drop on someone’s head.

Hope, while significantly dimmed, has not entirely died out.  And I can’t decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Next time, just plan out the budget in advance, OK?




  1. Oh Kate, what a roller coaster!

  2. Lame!!!

  3. Ouch! Honesty seems to be in short supply. Perhaps this wouldn’t have been the best employer to have after all. I pray that you find exactly what you need, soon.

  4. that sux I’m sorry

  5. That’s just wrong. Who interviews someone BEFORE looking at the budget?

  6. Seriously? How unprofessional. Well, use those care packages to soothe the completely legit frustration.

  7. That’s just lame and happening all over. Some guys here just finished the police academy and the city they were sponsored by told them they didn’t have jobs!?

  8. Okay, that’s just shitty!

  9. […] now but not bad from where we plan to move, and calling the place up north to see if they’ve resolved their budgeting issues yet.  This all in the midst of continuing, crushing ambivalence: I’m still not sure I want […]

  10. […] recently, she worked in an ER doing psychiatric crisis assessment. Then she got laid off due to budget cuts. No health insurance after […]

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