Posted by: Kate | November 22, 2008

Uniquely Demoralizing

There is something about searching for jobs online, filling out the same job applications over and over again, writing perky and confident cover letters and sending off a resume to defenseless strangers, that is uniquely depressing and demoralizing.  I cannot yet get myself into the mindset of seeing it as an adventure, as a land of opportunities and possiblities.  It’s all just a reminder of how crappy I feel about being unemployed, and it makes me wonder if anyone ever enjoys this process.



  1. Nope… no one enjoys it.

  2. I can honestly say I have hated it full heartedly. I have used employment agencies in the past-which makes the process a little easier (one app and then they sell you.)

  3. Newp, it’s universally demoralizing. Have you tried places like or CareerBuilder?

    I hope this ends soon for you.

  4. I don’t know that it’s demoralising but it’s monotonous and I agree with the Agency thing. If there’s one that represents your talents, you’re sure to get a job and no interview required. That’s the harrowing bit. I secured a fabulous job through an agency and was eventually put on permanently after starting as a freelance. The key Kate is not to divulge too much. Give them the facts and a short resume which makes them want to ask more questions.

  5. Sorry Miss Kate, I enjoy the process. It’s like the lottery for me. Although if I lose out it’s not because of an unlucky number, it’s the skill set. I like th opportunity hope for somethin better to come along.(<=Rowlf the Dog sings it better) Over the last 8 years “employed or not” I’ve been sending resumes across the ecountry to museum establishments that I thought would make a good fit for my particular brand of professionalism. I’m 2 for 260 and the last turned out to be the only place I would rather stick a fork in my eye than return to. So I try the half full thing until I get shot down, then search anew.

  6. Adam’s right there with you….

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