Posted by: Kate | November 21, 2008

Good Friends and Good Chocolate Make it Hard to Whine

It’s really unfair, isn’t it?  When you have a good rant all lined up and ready to go, and then it gets completely derailed.

Because I had a rant, about several of the ways in which my boss could have handled the whole situation better (step one: DON’T FIRE ME), and how crappy I’ve been feeling, and how tired of myself I am, and so on.

But then, first of all, a job prospect all but threw itself into my lap, and I got an interview request within days, and attended the interview today.  The position is precisely the same as the one I just left, only a ways north of here.  The people there seem nice enough and – dare I say it – reasonably professional.  The job would entail me sitting in the office waiting for phone calls, as opposed to sitting on my couch, but given the distance between my couch and the hospitals in their catchment area, this is probably a good thing.  There would still be more than adequate knitting time, and my fridge wouldn’t be 12 steps away.

And later, after a drive home along a truly picturesque rural New Hampshire highway, with lakes and birds and mountains and all that lyrical stuff, I arrived home to find not one, not two, but three care packages in the mail.  I half-expected them to be contributions toward L’s baby shower, but they were all for me.  One was entirely a selection of gourmet chocolates, and the other two were conglomerations of notebooks, chocolates, tea, lotions, Tylenol, and sex toys.

Admit it, my friends are way cooler than yours.

So, with all that good stuff packed into one day, it was really hard to mope and whine last night.

I’m still not feeling like myself, exactly – I’m still not fully enjoying the same things I enjoyed (I hadn’t had a single bite of chocolate since before last Thursday!  The horror!), not wanting to get out of bed in the mornings, not wanting to talk to friends online or on the phone, not able to perform simple tasks like counting to 4 (thereby making knitting very difficult) or completing a sentence… but I’m becoming more and more able to fake it.  More able to smile and chat with the kids, and engage in conversation with Willem without feeling as though I was on the other side of a thick, greasy cloud.

I’m sure that I’m not done with this particular roller-coaster ride just yet, but it’s nice to start to believe that there is the possibility of some good, old, boring routine in my future.



  1. Whoa, Chocolate AND sex toys!?

  2. Wow, if all the 2 million people who lost their jobs so far this year got 3 care packages apiece, then wouldn’t the retail industry be doing a lot better?

    I think you’re one in 2 million! And I hope the new job is coming soon!

  3. “notebooks, chocolates, tea, lotions, Tylenol, and sex toys”: What I really love in this group is the inclusion of notebooks. Your friends really are awesome, and I think I’d like them too.

    Sounds like things are going as well as can be with the roller-coaster ride. I think some enjoying of care packages is needed.

  4. Why didn’t we think of sex toys?!

  5. OMG, OMG. I take time off from the blog and miss so much. I am so, so, sorry about your job. I know how scared you must be. Ed lost his job (my brother in law fired him, yay) when I was seven months pregnant with Thomas and we had not one stitch of baby clothes. The world ended that day. I pray you get that job and the world gets back on its track for you!

  6. And your hair looks awesome.

  7. You have some really awesome friends. Fingers crossed over here for the job interview to have been a winner!

  8. Wow, your friends really are cool! 😉

    Enjoy all the goodies … sex toys, I’m impressed … and good luck on the interviews!

  9. Wait, wait…WHO sent you sex toys?!? If it’s someone from Knitty, I’ve GOT to start sucking up to them…

  10. Yay! I’m really glad that things are looking up and that you have such a great support system.

  11. I have to admit sex toys NEVER crossed my mind…impressive!!!

  12. Sex toys? So what’s Willem for then?

  13. Your friends are pretty damn cool.

    You are going to be just fine. I feel it. Keep that chin up and hugs to you.

  14. Sex toys? Hell, yeah, your friends are way cooler than mine. *ahem* I mean, sex toys? What are these things of which you speak?

  15. I’ve long held that you can tell a lot about someone by the quality of their friends. ’nuff said.

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