Posted by: Willem | November 14, 2008

A Proud Moment

(A brief guest-post from Willem)

I attended a presentation at Emily’s school earlier tonight.  The speaker is a mathematics educator from Massachusetts who has been doing research in the local schools for the past few months.  I found his talk to very interesting, both in reference to my children’s development and for my own understanding of elementary mathematics education.

Before he began, he walked around the gymnasium talking to people and introducing himself.  He seemed particularly interested in me after I told him that I was studying mathematics education.  However, the portion of our conversation that I want to share with you was about Emily.  After I mentioned that she was in third grade, he asked for her name.  I told him, and his eyes immediately lit up.

He replied, “Yes, Emily.”  He had spent time in her classroom earlier in the day.  “The little girl with the sling on her arm.  She is a very smart girl.”

Well, I just about smiled right out of my cheeks.



  1. Awww! Awesome!!

  2. That’s one smart girl! It’s always nice to get objective confirmation of your child’s awesomeness, isn’t it?

  3. God, don’t you love it when someone compliments your kid? It just reinforces what you already know: that they are the greatest thing in the world!

  4. That is really great!!! but I’m totally not surprised there is a genetic thing going on there and the fact she shares genes with you and Kate, she is destined for greatness (both of your children are as well as any future offspring.) 😀

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