Posted by: Kate | November 5, 2008

Can Smoke Detectors Drink Kool-Aid?

…because two of ours died within moments of each other last night, and I worry that it wasn’t just a coincidence.  They were on opposite ends of the house, so we had increasingly urgent cricket-screams in stereo while we finished dinner.

It was great fun, watching Willem and Emily try to figure out whether the chirps really were coming from opposite ends of the house, because apparently their echolocation skills are blunted and truly an embarrassment to the bats of the world.  Somehow Jacob and I, the 4-year-old and the nearly-deaf one, were confident that both alarms were squawking long before Willem and Emily were believers.

Willem lost the coin toss, meaning that there was no coin at all and I just gave him one of my carefully patented looks until he broke down like an old jalopy, and so he went to Walgreens for replacement 9-volt batteries.  I’m not sure whether he bought them from opposite sides of the rack and brought the home in separate bags, so they may well have made another secret pact to die on the same night again next year.

With a little luck, we’ll be living a hundred miles south and I’ll never even know.


  1. It’s a sign! A sign you need to change your batteries.
    Love that green sweater, btw.

  2. Well, if it’s your smoke detectors, then it’s our light bulbs dipping in the Kool-Aid.

    And, isn’t it weird how almost no one keeps 9 volt batteries on hand?

  3. Our’s have died at 2 am every other week for the last few months. (the one in our bedroom twice.) 😦 The one in our room does not have a battery but there are 2 about 2 feet outside our bedroom in either direction…if there is a fire I’m pretty sure we will be alerted.

  4. And hey – they died almost at the right time too – you are suppose to replace the batteries at each time change. (that’s what the Firefighters say anyway)

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