Posted by: Kate | October 29, 2008

Click Here to Purchase

In the past month, I have made four online purchases.  This is an increase from the previous six months of, well, four.

I have a tendency to distrust online shopping.  I worry things will get lost in the mail, or that the return policy will be such a hassle that I’ll end up on CNN with a headline that includes the word “rampage.”  I don’t much enjoy shopping to begin with – I’m a buyer, not a browser, and unless I have a wish list in mind I won’t willingly and independently enter a store.  Even a yarn store.

But first there were some albums I wanted, from a band I’m currently a little bit in love with: Blue October, somewhere in between pop and rock, somewhat on the heavier side, with lyrics that are just so spot-on for relationships and mental illness that I wonder if I’ve sat with the lyricist in the hospital before.  I couldn’t find them anywhere locally, and so iTunes got a visit from me.  Of course, now, my iPod is slowly killing itself off – it will only play about every fifth song that comes up in the rotation, which is somehow less than satisfactory to me – so I can’t listen to the music now that I have it… but that’s a rant for another day.

Then there were two new knitting books that came out, Melissa Leapman’s Continuous Cables and Gardiner & Shayne’s Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines.  I bought each, sight unseen, within a month of their release dates, because I have previous books by the same authors and love them.  And my only mistake in buying the new ones is that I shouldn’t have waited quite so long.  Precious days slipped by without them in my home, a mistake I’ll try to avoid in the future.

So, books and music.  Safe enough to purchase, the music never had the chance to get lost in the mail and I have a suspicion that Amazon has minions the world over to prevent such a heinous offense with their merchandise.  Fine.

Today, I bought four pairs of work pants and a sweater through Old Navy‘s website.  This is sort of a mid-range risk for me; I like trying on clothes first, but pretty much every pair of pants I own is from Old Navy.  I’m confident of my size there.  I’ve slid down another size in clothes, so I have the choice of spending my days hiking up my pants and shuffling along, or spending some mileage-reimbursement money to have pants that, with a little luck, won’t result in public embarrassment.

My last purchase?  Also today, and this one qualifies more as a critical necessity than a frivolous purchase.  We’ve been out of Tony Chachere‘s seasoning mix for a month or more now, and it’s simply a travesty.  We sprinkle it on just about everything but Cheerios, and cannot find it in any local stores.

It occured to me that this online-shopping thing is still a decided minority in my arsenal of money-spending possibilities.  So I thought I’d put it out there: who else shops online?  What do you shop for?  What won’t you shop online for?

This new technology, man, it’s crazy stuff.



  1. I shop online alot, but I’m careful where I buy from. I buy everything online – clothes (usually for the kids, but like you I’m confident buying myself stuff from Old Navy), toys, games and recently a camera.

  2. I do the vast majority of my shopping online. If I could buy groceries online, I would.

    I go through Amazon or reputable companies. I buy 90% of my and Sera’s clothes online. The store I shop online has a local shop as well. If I’m unsure of something I can easily return in person. I just find I get a better variety online than in the store. It’s usually pretty picked over. In fact, I will go in the store and find what I like, but it’s the wrong size or color. I go home and order it instead.

    We buy all our books, cds, and movies online as it’s much cheaper.

  3. Amazon: books and music
    LLBean & LandsEnd: outerwear/sale stuff for the boyz.

    That’s about it. I’m a shopper gal. I like to actually get out there and SHOP.

  4. I’ve been lurking for awhile – love your blog and your posts! But decided to chime in on this one…

    I hate shopping in stores, unless it’s the Apple Store, Best Buy or Walmart…all of which are places I try to avoid so as to avoid spending more money than I walk into the store intending to spend.

    I buy almost everything online. While I occasionally take a trip to Brnes and Noble for the fun of it, books, music and movies are simply cheaper on Amazon and as a prime member, I get them within two days of purchasing them, which is good enough for me. I use iTunes daily and even occasionally buy clothes online, although those are the one thing I will shop for to save myself the trouble of returning things that don’t fit…even if I do hate every second of it. But I love online shopping and even own an online store that sells educational computer software ( in case you were wondering :-)). But I’ve never had any problems.

    I am careful, but typically if they sell it online, I’m probably willing to buy it online. 🙂

  5. I’ve bought all manner of things online and prefer it that way. There are some items I will shop for online, but prefer to purchase in the store – mainly so I can just check it out in person (usually more expensive things). I’ve bought 2 digital cameras from Circuit City. I buy a lot of clothes for myself and the kids from Old Navy. Amazon is a frequent shopping experience for me. for shoes is great – free shipping both ways (to you and also returns – they have the best customer service). I order my son’s school uniforms online from Land’s End, etc. etc. About the only thing I wouldn’t buy online would be make-up… that’s an in person thing because I like to at least be semi-sure about the colors.

  6. I buy all kinds of things online. I guess I avoid buying things online that require a precise fit, like shoes or bras, although if I saw a good deal on Zappos I’d probably try it out since they have free shipping both ways…

  7. I would never buy something breakable online. I think that’s my only limit. So no perishable foods, no delicate sculptures, no … other things that might break. Everything else is fair game. I’ve ordered books, music (in digital and CD form), posters, clothes, a spinning wheel, games, yarn… heck, even flowers for my mom once.

    I love the internet.

  8. Tony Chachere’s is awesome! Hell, I’m pretty sure they have it at my Walmart – if not there then definitely somewhere local.

    Regardless, I shop online constantly. If you know where to look you can find some amazing deals. Granted you may not necessarily NEED it but that’s another story.

  9. If I didn’t shop online, I would never buy anything at all. Clothes, shoes, books, toys, fabric, gifts… pretty much everything. But my motivation is pretty high, not wanting to shop with an entourage. 🙂

  10. I hate venturing to the stores so we shop a lot online, and have had GREAT success thus far. We have purchased LOTS of parts for our swimming pool which seems to have gone on strike this year. We bought new cartridges for our pool filter that would have cost well over $300 retail for less than $200 online (that’s with shipping.) Steve buys lots of his gear for law enforcement online (excluding weapons.) We also purchse books and music online.
    BTW-most major grocery chains have a website to shop online. They charge you a delivery fee but I have heard you still spend less because you don’t make impulse purchases. If you plan your meals in advance this can really work.

  11. Oh, I buy anything and everything online. I actually get really annoyed when a store that I would normally go to in person has a shitty website. If I’m feeling poor and don’t want to pay for shipping, then I’ll window shop online, decide what I want and where it’s cheapest, then go to the store.

    I even bought a 1/2 bushel of green peanuts from a farm in Georgia once because I was having a craving for boiled peanuts and you can’t find them in Kansas. A little searching online and I found a recipe for boiled peanuts and a farm that would ship the green ones to me. I love the internet.

  12. I’m an online shopping fiend. If I know what I want and know it will be a pain in the ass to find in a store, I go online. I buy plants online; I have had pretty good luck with bulbs and bareroots from, and have saved a bunch of money. Just a couple days ago, I bought four blueberry bushes online from a blueberry farm in Missouri, hopefully they’ll be here by this weekend so I can plant them this weekend when the weather’s supposed to be just lovely for it. I have bought a few things at Etsy so far for Christmas gifts. I love the LL Bean website too; someone’s getting new slippers for Christmas. I buy all my photography equipment online from either B&H or Adorama (and a couple lenses used off eBay).

    In other words I do it a lot.

    I have rarely had trouble. I’ve never had anything not show up, I don’t think.

  13. Love Blue October Kate..have every album. I’m an addict like that, can’t just stop at one. Anywho about the online shopping..I rarely do it. I will drive 2 hours away if it means I can have it now. I hate waiting for things…more of an instant gratification kind of gal.

  14. I don’t shop online a lot for the same reason. A little worried about security but I buy tickets to shows, perfume, books so far so good. I even buy T shirts from the US from Red Bubble, their service is amazing. Two T’s I ordered for Adam and Amy last year were looking like not being delivered before Christmas so they gave me a $45 voucher and guess what . .the shirts turned up on Christmas Eve.

    A friend sent me 2 kilos of Tony’s Cajan Spices and we don’t like them . .they’re way too salty . .Shame because the Cajan flavours are wonderful, just overpowered by salt!

  15. I lurrrve the Tony’s. Back in the 70’s my mom used to order it by the case from Louisiana. We put it on everything, especially scrambled eggs or avocado. Thankfully I can get it in the grocery store now.

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